Lunar New Year - 2 reunion meals

I've been waiting for the arrival of Chinese New Year ever since January. The excitement of going back to hometown and meeting up old friends are overwhelming! Teehee~~~ 

My Chinese New Year wardrobe to be packed and bring back to Muar! I know! Mom said I looked like going there for 1 month and more! LOL! But I counted and I can wear for 7 days only, 1 day 2 sets. XD :p 

Early morning 6am waiting for elder Sis to fetch me. Super sleepy actually. -.-"

Upon reaching Mom's there, I went to my relative's salon to have a hair wash and styling. Then, I had my first reunion meal, all prepared by my mom!!! First time ever in my 25 years lifetime, my mom cooked all the reunion meal dishes!! LOL! So touching! :')

Braised mushroom with gabbage.

'Seow Keng' made by maternal grandma but fried by mom. One of my favorites every Chinese New Year.

Steamed chicken, followed maternal grandma's recipe (over the phone!!) and suprisingly delicious!! I somehow admire my mom and I guess somehow she has cooking talent within her and now only she unleash it! LOL! XD

Chicken soup with two types of mushroom and the 'smelly vegetable'. Haha! I don't like the vegetable! :p

Steamed prawns. Supposed to have egg white on top but failed to separate the egg white with yolk, hahahaha! Then the epic failed eggs became fried eggs for Uncle Tan because he did that! :p

Overview of the reunion lunch. Looked great and taste yummy! Thank you Mom!! :)

Done with the reunion lunch, as I mentioned in this post title, here comes the second reunion meal. \
After Lou Sang, we were served with this. Usually first dish was cold platter, but this time, we have hot one instead.

Poon Choi. Similar to the Guinness Golden Poon Choi that I had during GAB media gathering.  

Some of the ingredients inside the Poon Choi, such as abalone, mushroom, braised pork, dried oyster,sea cucumber, etc. 

Steamed fish. 

Fried rice in Treasure Box! My paternal grandma said wanna bring this box home! hahaha! She wants to keep her money in there I guess! :p

Roasted pig without head and tail. :( Such an incomplete one. Thou I don't eat the head and tail, but is just so wrong without them lo. 

Very nourishing dessert.

Overall the dinner was okay with affordable price, which you can only find in Muar. Trsut me! Muar has the best food with the best price!;) 

Elder sis and me. Photo edited by my second aunt. She was happy with her Samsung Galaxy Note II and enjoyed edit all the photos taken with her phone. Of course, we happily allowed her to do so! Hahaha! We are lazy bum bum. :p

Younger cousin brother and sister. Do I look alike with my cousin sister?

Family portrait. My paternal grandpa and grandma looked young huh? 

To satisfy my desire to become a princess!!! Thanks cousie for act in with me. :p And thank you for editing this photo! :)

PrinCess of the Day:

Red chiffon hi-lo dress, Lavin. Black belt, SEED. Brown wristlet, Coach. Black wedges, Charles & Keith.

Hehe..Even sleep became exciting because of the newly bought Uniqlo Disney lounge set!

Long top with long sleeves and black leggings.

Look at this Disney characters!! I felt like live within Disney!! (Can't stop dreaming to be a Princess!!) Hahaha!

The Lunar New Year is over! Let's welcome the Chor 1!!! :) 

Cheers & Love always,


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