Guinness Malaysia Chinese New Year Media Gathering

Guinness Malaysia has hosted a Feast of Abundance for the media at Grand Imperial Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre.I have decided to attend because I have never eat Poon Choi before!!! LOL! To satisfy my curiosity!!! :p

Before the dinner starts, we were served with Guinness and tidbits at the cocktail tables.


I really love number 16. Since young I have this fate and string with this number, too many coincidences.

Me & Elaine, the mama of supermodel son! :)

Cute 'yuanbao' decorations on the dinner table.

Axian was the emcee of the night. Such an awesome idea to have a food critic to host this banquet because he described every single dishes so detailed and made them so delicious!!

First dish was the Gold Bar Eggroll with Chicken Floss. It looked very hard but actually it is very crunchy and you can feel the layers of the skins of eggs. Eventually I was interviewed by Axian to describe this dish because my boss don't understand Mandarin!! LOL!!

Fresh Salmon 'Yee Sang'. My 4th Lou Sang of 2013!!

The waiter said many auspicious words when he was putting in all the ingredients.


Look at the salmon!! So fresh and thick!

Tossed the ingredients together!! Lou ah~~~ Luckily the chopsticks provided was an extra long one so that we don't stain on our hands. So considerate huh!

Finally, the star of the feast was launched!!!

Group photo of the Marketing Director of GAB, Yap Swee Leng and also others in launching the star of the feast.

Abalones!! Again!!

Dried scallop is part of the dishes.

Revealed to you - Guinness Golden Poon Choi!!! I am still thinking is this a real one or a mocked one. What say you?

Waiter!! Hello!! Faster serve the poon choi!! Can't wait!!!

The real Guinness Golden Poon Choi on our table!!

Look so scrumptious!!! :D

First layer included goose web, prawns, abalone, scallops, seafood ball and vege.

Second layer i got white radish, dried oyster, mushroom, pork belly and bean curd.

Last I got pork belly, duck meat and Chinese cabbage.

Pan fried handmade 'Nian Gao' with Baked Lotus Paste Pastries. Expect the 'Nian Gao', which is made of glutinous rice to taste nicer, but a bit disappointed.

The Chilled Mountain Snow Seed with Lily Bulb was also known as dessert that could moisten our skin. No wonder Karen took 2 bowls! Haha! :)


Not to mentioned, Guinness that has intensified flavors, added depth, enhanced texture and make good food great!! Cheers!!


Karen and me with our Guinness!


Karen and me, together with our boss, Tim had some after-dinner tea time session at DOME. I had fun chit-chating with Karen and also looked at Tim's sleepy face!! Hahaha!

Thank you Guinness Malaysia for hosting such wonderful Chinese New Year dinner! I enjoyed the meal! :)

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Cheers & Love always,


  1. so envy! >.< everoyne also lou shang and pun choi ad.. i still didnt eat any of that!

    1. Aiyo, don't envy! Jom, we go lou sang la! :D


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