My Secret Affair Partner

Good morning all!!! My very free and easy day without any pre-book appointments! 

PrinCess of the Day:
 Make up: Super light make up in the day time for a free and easy feel! 

Dated Nicole and visited primary school girl friend's house before had tea time at Espresso Bar. 

 Loving the illustration of different type of coffees!!!

Nicole snapped me from behind! 

 I pula snapped her from in front! LOL! XD

 She complained not nice, so I snapped again. :) 

 See see..she anti social! Played with her phone nia!! 

She loved this!!! Coz' I love this too! So nice! In fact she did put this as her Facebook profile photo! Hehe.. :)

 My cafe latte.

 Pandan flavor cheese cake. Was informed by friend's sis that the original flavor taste the best, but after i ate the whole slice.

 This time Nicole's turn to stalk snapped me.

How natural I was? Focus, Bi. :D

PrinCess of the Night:
 Hello Kitty 3/4 sleeves shirt, Uniqlo. High waist denim shorts with studs and diamonds, Modo. White ceramic watch, DKNY

Nicole paid attention on the menu.

Nicole, "what should i order?"

My hot tea and Nicole's sky juice.

Black pepper cocktail sausages and fried fishballs.

Lontong!!! Very nice!!!

A day before Valentine's day, let me introduce my secret affair partner of the day - Nicole!!! LOL! People said Valentine's eve meant for secret affair partner. So yeah, she was my partner of that day basically! :) 

My partner tried to act cute! What say you? I should have do the same too! :p

In my previous post I have told you I will be meeting Nicole almost everyday during Chinese New Year when I was in Muar, now you see huh!

Happy Secret Affair Valentine's day!!!

Cheers & Love always,


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