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My first Speed Dating experience *shy*

Remember the Be My Valentime event that I mentioned before? It just happened on last Saturday at The Wedding City, Maju Junction Mall; and yes, I was part of it! #1  Beautiful roses with participants' badges. There were 3 sessions in one day. I was in Session 3. #2  Registration counter is decorated with balloons and variety color of roses.  #3  Participants are to read and signed the agreement upon registration. After that, each of us will get a badge to write our name on it, together with a heart shape box that is used to toss in the scoring paper.  #4 Cocktail refreshments are served by Starbucks. #5  Setting of the scene are fulled with Be My Valentime poster and balloons.  #6 Cocktail tables and tall chairs were set up in this space for 10 couples. Each tables is labeled with number, from 1 to 10. Quite comfortable and warm, definitely relaxing enough for the speed dating first timer (like me!!) #7  Here's how

My Secret Affair Partner

Good morning all!!! My very free and easy day without any pre-book appointments!  PrinCess of the Day:  Make up: Super light make up in the day time for a free and easy feel!  Dated Nicole and visited primary school girl friend's house before had tea time at Espresso Bar.  #1  Loving the illustration of different type of coffees!!! #2 Nicole snapped me from behind!  #3  I pula snapped her from in front! LOL! XD #4  She complained not nice, so I snapped again. :)  #5  See see..she anti social! Played with her phone nia!!   #6 She loved this!!! Coz' I love this too! So nice! In fact she did put this as her Facebook profile photo! Hehe.. :) #7  My cafe latte. #8  Pandan flavor cheese cake. Was informed by friend's sis that the original flavor taste the best, but after i ate the whole slice. #9  This time Nicole's turn to stalk snapped me. #10 How natural I was? Focus, Bi. :D

Beaming with Joy

I always awaiting Chor 3 because I wanted to catch up with my primary school friends and teacher so so much! PrinCess of the Day :  Colorful pastel bustier dress, room8008 . Black wedges, Charles & Keith . Pink sling satchel, Braun Buffel .  Loving the design of the back! Do you love it too?   Make up: Put on false eyelashes that sis bought from Taiwan. Focus on eyes so very light pink lips.  As previous years, we have lunch and tea session at Heidi Rest Cafe (小歇) before visiting to teacher's house. But something different this time, we have Mr. Chua (primary school's discipline teacher) to join us in Heidi Rest Cafe!  #1  Me & Florence. Finally you gained some weight after 24 years! LOL! :p But you was too skinny back then, i think you looking great now! :) #2 Group photo of the attendees!!! 5 girls and 5 boys plus 1 teacher! I was asked to be seated due to my height and 4 inches of wedges. I kinda look like class monitor here.