Renoma Gallery

 I have been wanted to visit Renoma Gallery. Coincidentally, my friends suggested we have our dinner there. So here we went on the beautiful Friday night, with funny friends. ^_*


Me & baobei Liyin camwhored before the dishes was served.

Wondering why my food started with a slice of Red Velvet cake? Coz' we were waiting for 2 more friends before we have our main courses, so we decided to have cakes first. We just like to do something out of norm. :p


Can't remember what cake is this. Some Apricot and Walnuts cake. Taste quite nice.

 It's really been a long time since we hang out together! I miss you baobei!! <3











Sorry for no description of the dishes. Apparently it was my friends who ordered the food, hence I just ate and enjoyed the food. LOL.

It was a great experience for me in Renoma Gallery. By the way, they do have live band on Thursday and Friday, but I am not so sure about other days. The live band singers are awesome!!! ;)

Cheers & Love always,


  1. renoma gallery? where is it? gosh im so outdated.

    1. Haha! You are not la! At Lot 510, Jalan Bukit Bintang. Kuala Lumpur, same row as Noble Banquet and Chuai Heng Restaurant. :)


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