Girls night out to Luna Bar & Velvet

Having sweet colleagues is a blessing for an OL like me. 'Cause OL spend most of the time with colleagues, work together, eat together and gossip chit chat together. :p

I guess I am so much more blessing because I even spend my weekend with my beloved colleagues, even colleague that has already resigned.Thanks to Pey, I have the opportunity to paid a visit to Luna Bar for dinner.

As usual, bread with butter to warm up your stomach before have a big feast.

With dear Sookie. If you are reading this, just to tell you that you dolled up so nicely!!! Phewitt~~ 

Ladies group photo: (Standing from L to R) Pey & Gigi; (Sitting from L to R) Xiao Xiao, me & Sookie.

Realized that #3 photo is blurry, we changed position for a better photo. Hell yeah, that's my boy talked over the phone while we were having a photo session! What the....? =.=" Kanasai betul la him! By the way, there is supposed to have one more lady but she is late!! Aiyo... Late Queen Sara! :p

The super yummy chicken wings!!! Did I mentioned before that I hate chicken wings? But I have to admit that this is superb!! Eventually we ordered 2 plates! *thumbs up*

Nachos is quite nice too, but a little bit spicy... 

Vegetarian pizza for Xiao Xiao, taste not bad too.

Okay. Looking at the steak, I have so much to say. Apparently there is a steak promotion going on, which costs around RM50 to RM70. Not so into lamb and chicken, most of us ordered steak. When we made orders, the waitress asked about the doneness of our steaks. So we told her we wanted the steak to be medium rare. 

BUT... when my boy's steak was served, it was fully cooked! So I told one of the waitresses that we ordered medium rare instead. She then explained in very bad English and I can't understand what she said. She went and asked a superior or kitchen people (wearing black uniform) to deal with me. The first question that the black uniform girl asked was, "Do you speak English or Malay?" So I answered, "Both". Immediately she spoke with me in Bahasa Malaysia and said, "Sebab ini promotion punya, so tak boleh pilih doneness." (Translation: Because this is promotion one, so you cannot choose the doneness of the steak.) And I was like, "What?!So your chef buat ikut suka hati dia je la?" (Translation: So your chef just do whatever according to his mood?) Then she said, "Dia ikut recipe". (Translation: He follows the recipe)

Excuse me? The same steak but all served with different doneness, is it follow recipe?! Are you kidding me that because it is promotion so customers cannot choose the doneness? Then you might as well don't do promotion right? I can't understand what theory is this. 

I was a bit lucky because my Honey Beef is medium rare, according to chef's 'recipe'.

Was still happily taking photo with my steak before my conversation with the waitresses.

 Xiao Xiao's salad.

My boy signature wide smile that seems like his mouth is going to tear off. 

Finally some normal smile (which you could see he was sort of forced to. =.="")

Don't questioned why I looked so reddish because I had vodka!!! =.=" Anyway, this photo is to show my ring. Hehe.. 

My darling Gigi and me. Yeah, Obviously I squat down A LOT. :p

Group photo with all the ladies, included Late Queen Sara! Too bad too blurry... :(

18SX!!!! LOL! We didn't do anything! *both hands up*

After some not-so-satisfy experience in Luna Bar, we moved our butt to Velvet to party. It was a great one, except my car was spoiled half way on the road during the trip back to home. And I have to asked for tow services which caused me reach home at 4 in the morning.

Anyway, girls, I had fun!!! ^_^

PrinCess of the Day:

Cut-out dress, Dot Boutique. Clutch, Midvalley.

Recently fall in love with orange color lips from Louise Gray Topshop. I mean it really brightens my skin compare to my Burberry pink lipstick. What do you think?

Cheers & Love always,


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