Festive month with Miss Tourism International 2012

Hi all!! I am so sorry for such hiatus! I have just came back from a work assignment that lasted for 24 days continuously!! This is gonna be a long post with tons of photos, mind you! :p
 Checked in to the Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel on the 11th Dec, with my Guai Guai, as usual!! :)

 Food tasting for World Final dishes! 








Beauty & the Beast musical show, sponsored by Sunway Lagoon!!! Awesome! My first ever musical! :D 





X'mas parade organized by Sunway Pyramid, very happening with all those mascots, Beauty & the Beast cast, vintage cars, and of course, our Miss Tourism International 2012 delegates!

Press conference with our Guest of Honor, YB Senator Maglin Dennis D'Cruz, Deputy Minister of Information, Communication and Culture; and of course, our distinguished sponsors.

 Welcome party at New Orleans Bar & Grill by Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. It was our Miss Hungary's birthday and she was surprised with a birthday cake, courtesy of Secret Recipe.  

Buffet dinner with westernized dishes.

 Marshmallow dip in chocolate!! *heart* 

Received my parcel from Singapore!!! My second X'mas gift for myself!! Hehe.. The Coco Amour x Hello Kitty EDP!

The packaging is so cute! 

Lovely bottle!!! *heart*

This EDP come along with a Hello Kitty Plush, wearing the same outfit as the sticker on the packaging! Wah!! Can die for it! LOL! <3
 This is a vegetarian fish, super yummy! Thanks Pey and Xiao Xiao for recommended this vegetarian shop and treated me a meal!
  Slightly spicy and I like it!


Miss Japan has brought many snacks and biscuits for all the delegates and crews! Arigato gozaimasu!!! 

Food art competition, specially designed for Secret Recipe! I hope the girls enjoy and had fun! Look at all these art pieces!! Creative not? 



Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter, all delegates unleash their fashion sense and DIY the KL Sogo singlets and red shorts! 

A group photo at KL Sogo main entrance.

A friend bought this from the Eva x Hello Kitty air shop for me. Thank you for purposely delivered this to hotel for me before you leave to US. I heart it!! 

(L to R) My senior - Sara, boss, PA to boss - Gigi and me.

Garfield musical show at Queensbay Mall before the Poh Kong Jewellery Show by our Miss Tourism International 2012 delegates.

Can anyone tell me who is the pink color one? Is it Garfield's girlfriend? 

How cool that we have outrider to escort us from Queensbay Mall to the Penang bridge! We are VIPs!! 

Finally is X'mas time!!! Woohoo!! I so ready for the X'mas party, spotted the gift on my hand? Yup, for the exchange gift session!! Hehe... :) 

Log cake that reminded you the X'mas is here!!! 


With the videographer, Paul.

With my darling, Gigi! Oh my, why you so scary??!

Now a normal one!

Yuma, a Japanese exchange student was invited by Dato Dale to join us. Cute not? Too young!

Young but taller than me! Facebook friends were telling me that we look compatible, do we? *thinking*

Happy group photo!!!

I especially love this shot!! Wanna know the story behind this? Initially Sookie asked Gigi to help her to take a shot opposite us. When Sookie passed her phone to Gigi, it was on front camera. So we pretended to help them snap, which in fact we took a shot of ourselves! LOL! I couldn't stop laughing!

The ladies crews, are we pretty? :) 



 We can be sweet and sexy;

We can be crazy!!


Got my exchange gift from June! And also X'mas gifts from Catherine & Irene! Thank you and I feel so blessed!! :D
Lunch hosted by Beverly Wilshire at Royal China, for the delegates and crew. Thanks!






Ahha! With Upin & Ipin, the famous twins of Malaysia!!! Hehe!! 

I was wearing Baju Kebaya by Kraftangan. Sometimes my role and job scope is really complicated. Besides being a marketing & promotion executive, I have to be usherette as well. Due to such an important World Final, boss wanted me to be the main key usherette on the night. So yeah, here i go! 

With the Winner of Miss South East Asia - Miss Thailand. 

With the Winner of Miss Tourism Metropolitan - Miss Australia.

With Winner of Miss Tourism Global - Miss Venezuela.

With the Winner of Miss Tourism International 2012/2013 - Miss Philippines!!! I knew she has the potential on the first day I saw her!! I felt so happy that my guess is right!! Is like won a lottery! LOL! Congratulation darling!! xoxo

With very sweet Miss Kosovo, thanks for offered me your water when I needed them the most! :)

The barbie doll - Miss Russia.

Very young Miss Denmark. 

Finally done with the World Final! I was overjoyed and hence, yup, I was crazy! Haha!
My daughter - Miss Netherlands is leaving back to her country.. Wuu~~~ :'( Gonna miss you... 

Super tall Miss Kyrgyzstan and very talented! Her dresses are all designed and handmade by herself!!! Thumbs up!!!

A picture with Miss Venezuela, Sookie & June.

Miss China & Miss Taiwan! Ni men hao!!! xi wang zai jian dao ni men!! 

Sookie & me in the bus, going to dinner at KL Tower!
Wilson, the photographer.

Awesome view huh? 

Atmosphere 360, a restaurant located 282m above ground in KL Tower has very pleasant view that could stunned you!! 




 Live band to add points to your dining experience. By the way, did I mention that Atmosphere 360 is a revolving restaurant? Hell yeah!! I know you gonna love that! :) 


Miss Tourism International 2012/2013 visited to Embassy of Philippines, together with the Ambassador, Mr. J. Eduardo. 

The whole 24-days working journey is fulled with complicated feelings. Tiredness - have to wake up very early, yet sleep at 3am in the morning. Expectation - When executing a show or an event for sponsors, I wish everything go smoothly. Fulfillment - when everything went smoothly and accordingly. Joyousness -  party and had fun with all the delegates and crews. 

Most importantly, I have grown up so much throughout this period; not physically, but mentally. I have learned so much from all the crews. It is definitely a very different experience compare to being a delegate for Miss Malaysia Tourism.  

Again, this has strengthen my will and stand to be in this line. I know I like it, because here is where my fulfillment and contentment come from. 



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