Baby's 25th Birthday - An Eating Journey

Baby is January baby. LOL. What a phrase. Last year his birthday was during Chinese New Year, hence I didn't celebrate with him. This year, thank God is before Chinese New Year. I have been asking what birthday present he wants but he said he wanna think about it. FYI, both of us always let each other choose our own present because i think this is more practical and at least don't have the issue of wrong size, wrong color, don't like it, etc. 

Meantime while he was thinking, I brought him to Sushi Tei for dinner on the birthday eve.

 Pino Bitter to end the meal. 

Kiehl's is having this Limited Edition Jumbo size of Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, 50ml for RM280 only!!! The normal size is 30ml for RM200. Definitely a good deal!! p/s: A gift from the boyfie. LOL. Did i mentioned before that my boy always buy me things on his birthday instead of me getting him a present! Cute boy I have!! <3

Apparently he has no idea yet about what he wants. So I will leave him another day to think.

On his birthday, I was happily dressed up as if I am the one who is having birthday. =.="

PrinCess of the Day:
 White sleeveless blouse, Haytai. Black high waisted pants, Angel Dress. Black jelly flats, Modo. Black clutch, Midvalley.

 Earrings, X Top Model Press Conference goodie. Horse with pumpkin carriage Ring, Offline.

Yamyam rice crispy!!!! Have been searching hi and low for this nearby my office!! Finally found at the petrol station near my house! Orange color some more! Matching with my lipsticks!! Can this be part of PrinCess of the Day? LOL! XD 

The birthday boy's smart look.

Baby's bibimbab.

Bulgogi - Fried beef with vegetables and onions.

Kimchi soup with rice.

Gyeranjjim - Steamed egg which is very different from Japanese Chawanmushi. Chawanmushi tends to be very super smooth, while Gyeranjjim is just like how we do steam eggs at home, the natural texture.  Both has its specialty and I like both.

Haemul Pajeon - Pancake.

Our very scrumptious brunch at Sopoong, Berjaya Times Square.

There is Taiwanese street in Berjaya Times Square now, where many Taiwan snacks are selling there. I have tried this big pork sausage in hot and spicy sauce. But seriously, not delicious. :(

My boy has been telling me that Hometown Steamboat at Pandan Indah is very yummy. So we went for dinner there. I was shocked coz' we actually need to queue for table!! The whole restaurant was full with patrons! My goodness!!
Finally got our seats and look at this picture. No, the main point is not this couple. Is the poster on the wall. A very old fashioned camera with 4 Chinese words - 请乱拍照 (Please simply take photo). Hahha! So funny! 

Our dinner. Ordered too much and couldn't finish. But worth to mention is that the clear soup and tomyam soup is really nice!!! And all the ingredients are very fresh. 

My boy's 25th birthday has became an eating journey where we ate from Sushi Tei to Sopoong, and Sopoong to Hometown. A truly Asia journey which included Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong cuisine, hahaha! 

Happy birthday to you, my boy! Hope you love the eating journey and also the shoes that I bought to you! ;) You looked smart in it!!! xoxo

Cheers & Love always,


  1. never heard of this steamboat place. thnks fr sharing! hard to find decent steamboats:)

    1. Hi ms.Bulat, you are so welcome! Let me know what do you think after you try it out!! :D

    2. Haha i will! Also, wanna ask bout your shoes. Where is the Modo shop/brand? :)

    3. Modo shop is located at Sungai Wang, 6th floor. Visit their Facebook: . It will be great if you could tell them you know their brand from my blog! :) Thanks dear!


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