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Baby's 25th Birthday - An Eating Journey

Baby is January baby. LOL. What a phrase. Last year his birthday was during Chinese New Year, hence I didn't celebrate with him. This year, thank God is before Chinese New Year. I have been asking what birthday present he wants but he said he wanna think about it. FYI, both of us always let each other choose our own present because i think this is more practical and at least don't have the issue of wrong size, wrong color, don't like it, etc.  Meantime while he was thinking, I brought him to Sushi Tei for dinner on the birthday eve. #1  Pino Bitter to end the meal.  #2 Kiehl's is having this Limited Edition Jumbo size of Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, 50ml for RM280 only!!! The normal size is 30ml for RM200. Definitely a good deal!! p/s: A gift from the boyfie. LOL. Did i mentioned before that my boy always buy me things on his birthday instead of me getting him a present! Cute boy I have!! <3 Apparently he has no idea yet about wha

Prego - The Best Italian Restaurant in Town

Recently my blog has been bombarded with all sorts of food. From Renoma Gallery to Luna Bar , now I've been to Westin Hotel to indulge myself at Prego that claimed to be the Best Italian restaurant in town. Being awarded by Time Out Kuala Lumpur's Food Awards 2009 and 2010, I bet is worth to try out! Prego located at Ground and Upper Ground, I have been seated at Upper Ground due to private function in Ground. It was great because I got to 'overlooked' what the chefs did (whether do they dig their nose or accidentally drop their sweat in the food!! LOL!!! HELL NO!!!) #1 #2 This round bread was served before I reached (oops, I was late! :p ). Very interesting to eat with the sauce. #3  Hot starter - Gratin of Sea Scallops. Not much comment about this, nice but not my preference. #4 Cold starter - Crab salad with mango salsa and salmon roe. This was too salty that I could barely eat it. #5  Seafood Aglio Olio. It was recommended by the wait

Girls night out to Luna Bar & Velvet

Having sweet colleagues is a blessing for an OL like me. 'Cause OL spend most of the time with colleagues, work together, eat together and gossip chit chat together. :p I guess I am so much more blessing because I even spend my weekend with my beloved colleagues, even colleague that has already resigned.Thanks to Pey, I have the opportunity to paid a visit to Luna Bar for dinner. #1 As usual, bread with butter to warm up your stomach before have a big feast. #2   With dear Sookie. If you are reading this, just to tell you that you dolled up so nicely!!! Phewitt~~  #3   Ladies group photo: (Standing from L to R) Pey & Gigi; (Sitting from L to R) Xiao Xiao, me & Sookie. #4   Realized that #3 photo is blurry, we changed position for a better photo. Hell yeah, that's my boy talked over the phone while we were having a photo session! What the....? =.=" Kanasai betul la him! By the way, there is supposed to have one more lady but she is

Renoma Gallery

 I have been wanted to visit Renoma Gallery. Coincidentally, my friends suggested we have our dinner there. So here we went on the beautiful Friday night, with funny friends. ^_* #1 Me & baobei Liyin camwhored before the dishes was served. #2    Wondering why my food started with a slice of Red Velvet cake? Coz' we were waiting for 2 more friends before we have our main courses, so we decided to have cakes first. We just like to do something out of norm. :p #3 Can't remember what cake is this. Some Apricot and Walnuts cake. Taste quite nice. #4  It's really been a long time since we hang out together! I miss you baobei!! <3 #5   #6   #7   #8   #9   #10   #11   #12 #13   #14 Sorry for no description of the dishes. Apparently it was my friends who ordered the food, hence I just ate and enjoyed the food. LOL. It was a great experience for me in Renoma Gallery. By the way, they do have live band o