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Flashback of my 2013

As I getting older grown, I realize time just doesn't wait for us. Each year I felt like time flies faster and quicker, compare to previous years. I can't believe I am 25 years old and going to turn 26 years old soon. Oh man, I can feel 30's is waving its hand to me. wtf. =.=" Anyway, this year 2013, in my mid 20's, there were tremendous changes. Let's start for some flashbacks of 2013. Career I have officially ended my first job in D'Touch International Sdn Bhd on 31st July 2013, which marked a full one year of service there. Thank you Datuk Danny and the team for the opportunities and experiences. Thou there was up and down, but I truly enjoyed working with my lovely colleagues. Precious moment when we had our company trip on the cruise.  Then I joined Tropicana Corporation Bhd, a renowned property developer in Malaysia. I have never thought of working in property industry, but sometimes is just difficult to predict, huh? A little being misp

Space Age : The Phantom Power

I love music (thou I hate all those music notes especially when I was in my primary school and in the stupid music class, which I trembled all the way while I had my flute test.)  I believe that music can bring us to different mood state. By understanding this theory, DMUSES brought us The Phantom Power - A journery of Space through Music, led by composer Ng Chor Guan. So much so that he would love to explore the space, Ng Chor Guan dreamed to be an astronaut since he was young. However, we know that the reality doesn't always grant us with what we want. Yet, God gave him another way to enjoy his space exploration, and the best part is, he could even bring other human beings to explore the space together.  The Phantom Power is a musical experiences led by 5 talented musicians, plus stunning displayed of sight and sound by 3 video artists.  Accompanied by piano, flute, French horn and violin, Theremin is the most remarkable one among the 5 musical instruments. I kno

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue

December is always the most happening festive month. School holiday, Christmas eve, Christmas and New Year are all fall on this 31-days December. And so, this month also marks the shopping month for us in getting presents for our loved one, and not to forget, the gift-exchange session for every party!  It is not easy to get a gift that suits both male and female, but fragrance is definitely one of it. Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue collection is perfect for both male and female. The Mediterranean love story of Dolce&Gabbana’s Light Blue fragrances continues with a fascinating new chapter which you saw in the YouTube video above. This time, the two lovers chart a new course, with Italian model Bianca Balti cast as a classic Mediterranean beauty who takes the lead in a game of seduction. She is irresistible to David Gandy, who celebrates his third Light Blue advertising campaign with this episode shot in the glittering sapphire blue waters of Capri. Domenico Dolce an

[Review] E.V.E The Secret to Radiant & Youthful Skin - DAILY 3-STEP SYSTEM

This is the first time I heard of this brand - E.V.E. In fact, if you browse through its website, their products are very obvious and clear cut, which are the three main products that completed the  Daily 3-Step System .  #1 From left to right : E.V.E 7 in 1 Vsphere Serum, E.V.E 6-in-1 Day Cream and E.V.E All-in-1 Bar.  #2 Started my Daily 3-step System with this BEFORE picture. Yes, I have serious dark circles and uneven skin color. I am looking forward on how these products can do its magic on my skin.  As its name said, there are only 3 steps in your daily skin care routine if you are using the E.V.E Daily 3-step System. #3 The first step is of course cleanse your skin with this E.V.E All-in-1 Bar . This bar is handcrafted using four very important ingredients, which are Austrian Deep Moo r ,  PhytoCellTec TM    Malus Domestica Swiss  Apple Stem Cells plus ,   Hydrating Algae Extract , and Virgin Coconut Oil . These natural wonders purifies your skin,

LOKL Coffee Co

It was a public holiday on Tuesday again! Another great day and date trying out new food! :) #1 The act cute fellow. Ish, I am forced to censor his mouth. Cuteness is only meant for me.  #2 The normal handsome fellow this time. #3 Today's choice - LOKL Coffee Co. #4 A big logo on top of the counter and dessert bar. #5 Outdoor seating, which is the backyard of the hotel next door.  #6 #7 #8 I especially love this piece.  #9 Sewing time?  #10 Boyfie's Iced Latte. #11 My Hot Latte. This time I had it without add in any sugar. #12 Pulled Messy Beef Burger with Extra Cheese . Looking great, served with cucumber and tomato salad, but in sweet sauce. Eventually I finished up the salad, not a big deal to others, but FYI, i don't eat salad. So you know how delicious was the salad.  #13 This is a little bit too salty for me, but boyfie said it tasted perfectly. I have to admit that the bee