Happy birthday to Kitty chan!!!

November 1st is a very special day for Kitty White, because today is the day that she was born into this world by Mama Mary. 

Last year, I was celebrating Kitty chan's birthday with my darling Hurley at Nando's for lunch, and followed by blow cake session at The Coffee Bean. It was a blast one! Here's some footage for you! Hehe...

Thank you darling Hurley for taught me how to sing a Japanese birthday song! Muaks!! Hehe... 

This year, , now, I am sitting in my office, working. =.=" How i wish I could celebrate Kitty chan's birthday with her like last year. Haiz... :'( 

Will see how! Maybe do it later at night or belated birthday celebration for her on weekend! 

So, Happy birthday Kitty chan!!! Stay young heart always, be fashionable and chic forever!! I love you!!! Muaks!! xoxo


Cheer & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. I did post a comment here...but where is it????!!! >.<~


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