Bangsar 1 day trip with Darling

It's not easy to have a true friend, despite the fact that we are busy with our own work and life. But God treat me really good. I got my Darling Hurley who I have befriended since 14 years old (and still counting!!), despite the long distance and busy-ness, we still find time to catch up, and always have never ending topics to chit chat with. 

During Kitty chan's birthday weekend, Darling Hurley and I catch up again. After fetched Darling, we decided to go to Bangsar since Darling never been there (not intended to make you a 'sua gu' one!! LOL!! XD)

 We had our brunch at Marmalade. Look at my very scrumptious breakfast set! Super happy and contented! 

We spent about 1 hour plus at Marmalade. Besides eating, we just can't stop sharing about our working life (is more like me moaning about my management, I guess), and also make up tips. I am glad that Darling is now interested in make up, next time we can have more things to play with! Hehe... And we can have cosmetic shopping too!! Just can't wait for it!! Faster come back from the ulu place k! 

After the brunch, we went to shopping around Jalan Telawi. I found that many boutiques have closed down. I am kinda sad because some are my favorite boutiques. :'( Anyway, me & Darling being such good girl and we didn't buy anything. Don't know is it because I old jor, I found that my taste is very different from before. I can't find any clothes that suit my taste. OR even I found, I couldn't fit in because of the length (blame my gene for being 174cm tall! ish ish!!)!! And I don't like to buy those branded clothes because I think the possibilities of 2 persons wearing the same branded clothes is higher than I bought from boutique. 

Okay, back to our catch up. After the tiring shopping and buy nothing, we went for tea time at Citrus. 

 Our first photo of the day! Well, a bit blurry.

 Second attempt. Much better i think. 

And this is when Darling suggested we cover our face/eyes to take a photo. 

 =.=|||| How on earth I can cover my eyes while click on the shutter??!! I DOUBT!!! I look perfectly retarded in this photo la!!! Peep through 2 fingers. Okay,I know I don't look like I was peeping, more like..... seeing?? okay, whatever. =.="""" 

 Red velvet cake. First time tried this, till now also I don't know why it taste salty, to me. Weird huh?

 Very sinful chocolate cake. Too sweet for me. 

After I mumbling and complaining about how on earth human can cover eyes and click on shutter, Darling beh tahan me already, and asked me to hold the phone and she will click the shutter. 
Deng deng!!! A successful one!!!
And yeah, I closed my eyes COMPLETELY!!! LOL. Darling, you very geng lo! Really can't realised you were peeping le!!! :D

And the story ends with 2 crazy girls live happily ever after. LOL. No la, Darling is going to a very ulu place to work. So I wish you all the best ya!! Must remember me k! Don't marry there and forget about me! Still remember our Chinese New Year shopping date at Kuchai Lama? I wait for you huh!! Must come back here to buy Chinese New Year clothes ah!!! Ulu there only got Aloha skirt in leaves de le!! XD

I love you la Darling!! xoxo 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. haha..i admit that I am Sua Gu..but nvm, having fun is more important!

    Ulu place got crocodile somemore..Amitabha, i won't be a female Tarzan~~ Wuwuwu~

    I Love Your Blog SSSSoooooo Much~~


    1. Hahaha! Die lo! Then you can change English name to Jane liao! XD

      Thank you for loving my blog!!!! <3

      muaks!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. yuppp really not easy to find a true friend.
    So make sure you appreciate her no matter what happens. =D

    1. Yes Henry, I appreciate my darling so so much!!! <3


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