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To TATToo or not to TATToo?

It has been my desire to have a tattoo since I was 16 years old. I remembered me & my elder sis went to South City shopping mall and we passed by a tattoo specialist. So we went in and each of us has chosen a design and make appointment with the sifu and said we will be back by another week. But we didn't. My sis chickened out while I have no enough money that time. So yeah, none of us has the tattoo done.   And now, or all this while, I've been wanted to have one tattoo, for myself. There are few body parts that I am considering doing a tattoo, such as: #1 neck #2 Ribs, under the arm   #3 Ankle    #4 Waist   After all, I still prefer rib. Hehe...  I am kinda pain hypersensitive. Hence, I've been hesitate to get a tattoo. Plus, I've been hearing the voice of regrets after tattoo. Haiz.... I am so paradox now!!!  Friends, what do you think? Should I go for it or not? Let me know your opinions, regardless good or bad. Or you have tattoo persona

Bangsar 1 day trip with Darling

It's not easy to have a true friend, despite the fact that we are busy with our own work and life. But God treat me really good. I got my Darling Hurley who I have befriended since 14 years old (and still counting!!), despite the long distance and busy-ness, we still find time to catch up, and always have never ending topics to chit chat with.  During Kitty chan's birthday weekend, Darling Hurley and I catch up again. After fetched Darling, we decided to go to Bangsar since Darling never been there (not intended to make you a 'sua gu' one!! LOL!! XD) #1  We had our brunch at Marmalade. Look at my very scrumptious breakfast set! Super happy and contented!  We spent about 1 hour plus at Marmalade. Besides eating, we just can't stop sharing about our working life (is more like me moaning about my management, I guess), and also make up tips. I am glad that Darling is now interested in make up, next time we can have more things to play with! Hehe... And

5 years anniversary at Marini's on 57

I believe it is easy to fall in love, but it is not easy to stay in a relationship. I would say, to maintain a relationship and celebrating the 5th anniversary is a blessing. :)   #1    For such special day, I had my manicure and pedicure together with my baby as his anniversary pampering session. I am loving this very rosy and pastel nail art! :)    #2  Make up - √ Hairdo - √ Killer dress - √   #3  Very cozy and classy atmosphere in Marini's on 57. Had a glass of Mumm Brut champagne (RM72) to complement the special occasion. #4  Baby was wearing my favorite GAP shirt, super charming!! Hehe.. :D #5   Hokkaido, pan-fried scallop with cauliflower puree and almonds served with herbs. (RM98) #6  Spaghettini Bottarga served with Sardinian grey mullet eggs, garlic, chillies and almond flakes with a touch of wine. (RM98) #7  Organic chicken with organic baby carrots, vegetables and wheat grains. (RM128)

de Jouer - Your New Lingerie Online Website

A whole new intimate shopping experience is here for Malaysian women by Eclatbrands Sdn Bhd. Presenting to you - de Jouer ~~~!!! In French, de Jouer means to play. But how to play? Using only high quality materials and designed with great attention to details, de Jouer aimed to enhance confidence and self-assurance of women aged 18 and above.  de Jouer offers five series of design that could definitely satisfy every different customers.   (1) beFlirty Flirty for day, sexy for night. (2) beSeductive  Redefine the meaning of seductive, 5 ways to wear, infinite ways to get attention.  (3) OMG!!! Plunge multiway bra for unbelievable push-up. Simply fabulous. (4) Tres Tres Chic Smooth, sexy, super soft playful multiway demi bra. (5) Basics All day long comfort with no wires, extreme lift and outstanding cleavage. Unlike other brands, de Jouer is a mid-market brand that offers good quality with affordable priced between RM30 and RM100. Po

Happy birthday to Kitty chan!!!

November 1st is a very special day for Kitty White, because today is the day that she was born into this world by Mama Mary.  Last year, I was celebrating Kitty chan's birthday with my darling Hurley at Nando's for lunch, and followed by blow cake session at The Coffee Bean. It was a blast one! Here's some footage for you! Hehe... Thank you darling Hurley for taught me how to sing a Japanese birthday song! Muaks!! Hehe...  This year, , now, I am sitting in my office, working. =.=" How i wish I could celebrate Kitty chan's birthday with her like last year. Haiz... :'(  Will see how! Maybe do it later at night or belated birthday celebration for her on weekend!  So, Happy birthday Kitty chan!!! Stay young heart always, be fashionable and chic forever!! I love you!!! Muaks!! xoxo   Cheer & Love always, Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu ♥