Samsung & BigBang was a Blast!

 BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 is officially over and it was a blast one!! You can't imagine how excited I was during the whole 2 hours! 

I was rushing from Muar to Stadium Merdeka with heavy rain on that night. But it doesn't stop me from moving toward this very exciting concert. Thanks to Samsung Malaysia, I was given a VIP concert ticket worth RM688, right in front of the stage! (thou is last 4 row but still near!!)


The stadium was crowded with all BigBang die-hard fans! Beside me were a Korean family with kids, and the mom was so high and flashed I LOVE YOU with her Samsung Galaxy SIII to BigBang!!! Salute to her young heart spirit!! ^_^

 BigBang made their first appearance in a very cute tube with their names on each of the tubes!! Super fascinating!!

 Then slowly they walked out one by one. And you will never know how the crowd screamed!! Totally insane!!

 Did I told you my favorite is G-Dragon? YUP!!! And my main purpose is to see him in real person!! And he is super cute!! Very tiny like a doll!!! *heart melted*






BigBang have performed many hot songs that heated up the rainy night, included Fantastic Baby, Monster, Haru haru, and etc. 

The very cute Seungri also used Samsung Galaxy SIII to record other BigBang members and also the crowd!So i waved! Hehe... I was standing held high on the chair because the people in front of me blocked my view!! :(

Actually I did many video recordings, but the sound not that good, so I am not going to scare you off with my not-so-quality videos.... Photos also many, but not going to show you the blurry one la ya! Hehe..

Over this whole month, thanks to Samsung Malaysia, I was given the opportunity to understand BigBang more in depth, and also able to shared my adore of Korean through my blog to my readers. In addition, being able to attend this sold out concert is really a blessing for me as I know many of my friends wanted to buy the concert tickets so much. Furthermore, Samsung was being so generous to reward Samsung Galaxy SIII buyers by giving them a chance to win the BigBang concert ticket! What's more I can say to Samsung? Hell yeah!! Thank you so so much and I will always support Samsung!!! :D

Thou BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Malaysia is over, but you still can enjoy the BigBang Facebook app here: 

Remember to have a try on the app! Very great viewing pleasure, on BigBang members of course! :D

Finally, just wanna say that BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Malaysia is really superb and thumbs up!!! Besides Lady Gaga that I watched in Singapore, BigBang is the best among all the concerts I have ever watched!!!!

And G-Dragon, please make sure next time you throw your jacket toward my direction k!!!  I will disregard of my image and grab for it!!! This time a little too far from me la!! :( 

Love & Cheer always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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