X Top Model Search 2012 Finale

X Top Model Search 2012 finally came to an end! Last Saturday, I was invited to the finale at Icon KL, together with other members of Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers.



 Me & Melissa, my new friend from MHB. 

 The event started with contemporary dance, which was so fascinating; not only the dance movements, but also the facial expressions of the dancers.









After few rounds of runway shows, included swim wear and dresses, guests were given a 45 minutes break before the announcement of the result. 

 Me and Elaine, from Spotlight Magazine.

Me & Kelvin Sing, a photog that can be seen in almost every events.



 Love the way they decorate the hall, somehow like a mini gallery, showcased photos of every contestants. Very creative and attractive. 

Me & my boss! haha! We were quite matching, in term of clothing I meant. :p 

 Chelsea, Tim & me. Tim always name both of us as 'Twin Tower of MHB'! LOL. Are we? ;) 



 LOL! Get 3 wishes after you leave a lipstick stain on Andy's head! :p 

 Haha! :p

Me & Luna, a new met friend in this event. She is such a nice girl, very friendly and approachable. She left a lipstick stain on Andy's head, and claimed her first wish from Andy, which was to take a photo with me!!! Aww~~so sweet!! *melted*

 Luna and her mom look so alike!! Hehe.. :) 

Melissa & me played with Tim's camera and aimed to bombard his camera with all our photos! LOL! XD

 Me & Chelsea, the hottest mama! :) 

 Time to announce the result! What's your guess? ;)

Well, before attend the finale, I guess Angelica will get the title. After the contestants strut the runway, I guess Tuti has the higher chance. 

 And yeah, I got it right, Tuti is the Winner of X Top Model Search 2012! She has the look, the style, and the whole package. I would say, she deserve it! :) 

In addition, this year there is a runner up because 2 of them will represent Malaysia and compete in Macau. So, as I wish, Angelica got the runner up. So happy to see both of my favorites got the title! :) 

Once again, congratulation to Tuti and Angelica! Wish them all the best in the upcoming competition in Macau! Bring the glory back! :) 

PrinCess of the Day:
Anna Sui dress, room8008. Black ribbon belt, unknown. Black heels, Sungai Wang 6th floor. Black clutch, Mid Valley.

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Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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