Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers is 2 years old!!

*Flash back*
Date: January 2012        
Venue: Ecoba
Scene: During Adsolut Vodka Tower launching

           Tim: Hi, are you a blogger? 
           Me: Yes. 
           Tim: Have you heard of MHB? 
           Me: Yup, sort of. Saw in Facebook before.
           Tim: *passed me his name card* Feel free to email me your short intro
                    with your blog link to join us!
           Me: Sure! Thanks!

 Time flies and I've been MHB's member for 8 months. On the same time, Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers is officially 2 years old now! I am so honored to be able to join the MHB 2nd anniversary party!

The venue of the party was exactly same - Ecoba, where I first met Tim and was invited to join MHB!

Carlsberg beer tower was ready for us! ;)

 Assam laksa spaghetti.

Nasi lemak, fried chicken, and french fries.

 With Jane, one of my best mates in MHB. :) 

 With Sarah, another besties in MHB. She was all set for upcoming show!! ;)

Deng deng! Juliets of Eden, a music band founded by Sarah first debut during MHB 2nd anniversary!! Well done babe!

 I went with my baby. ^_*

 Ashley performed a violin show where I totally amazed with her performance! Awesome!

Chelsea is launching her first album and she did her very second public performance during the party night. Good job babe! You can do it! :)

 My baby looked so smart and cute <3

 It is a nice photo, but baby's finger..... blocked one corner of the photo...

 So I took again...

 And again... LOL...

I wasn't expect that Soren, the Managing Director of Carlsberg has a special talent - RAP!!! Omg! I had so much fun listening to his rap!

 With Jane & Wilee.

 Chloe's friend, Chloe, Sandy, Jane & me.

Jane, me, Shirnie, Samantha & Vivian.

 3 hot pink ladies: Jane, me & Chelsea, with me holding Somerby Apply Cider! Tasty! :)

Can you see a bunch of hot ladies? YES! WE ARE ALL MALAYSIA'S HOTTEST BLOGGERS!!! Spot my boss in checker shirt! *wink*

Happy 2 years birthday to Tim's baby - Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers!!! Special thanks to Ecoba as our official venue and also Carlsberg Malaysia for sponsoring us loads of Carlsberg and Somerby!! We had a pleasant and fun night!

Do check out Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers page and support us at:

The pink/white attire theme of the party got me wearing like this...

PrinCess of the Day:
 Hot pink dress, Modestarr. Black clutch, Midvalley. Strappy heels, Nose.

I can be sexy, I can be crazy; I can be funny, I can be straightforward. It doesn't matter how I be, as long as you see and like the real me. 

Get closer to me....
Instagram: @princessmiharu

I am the happy MHB girl!

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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