[ADV] The Answer to Beautiful Skin is HERE!!! ^_*

Everyone wish to have a very healthy, radiant and glowing skin. Yet, our surroundings are so polluted with radioactive, dust, and UV which are inevitable nowadays. Then, how can we achieve beautiful skin with all those extraneous variables? 

To get the answer, I brought myself to Taman Connaught.

 My first impression: RECEPTION. The combination of white and turquoise blue interior design gave a sense of clean and comfortableness. 

Kelly, the manager of CellAct Swiss welcomed my arrival with very warm greeting and smile. I was served to change into a comfort home slippers and proceeded to a guest room.

 The corridor door that separates the guest room and treatment cubicles from reception area.

 Once Kelly slide the door, I was attracted by the beautiful crystal LED wall lamp in purple. So dreamy isn't it?

Penny, my beautician of the day has been waited me in the guest room. A friendly and warm smile has calmed my anxiousness a little bit for the upcoming unexpected treatments. (I kinda paranoid abit when comes to facial treatment!! After all, is my face and skin they are going to mess with!! >_<) Penny filled up my particular information. Then she asked me about my lifestyle, such as time off to bed, how many glasses of water I drink per day, fruit and vegetable intake, etc. Besides that, I was asked for my medical history.

You must be wondering, am I going into a blood test lab or something. Why on earth all these questions in skincare centre? Of course I asked Penny, well, after all, is my privacy right? But fear not, Penny said that being a professional skincare expert, they have to and must make sure the client receive the best service. For example, if you have diabetes, the beautician will not do extraction for you because your wound might be difficult to heal. Or if you have epilepsy, the beautician have to make sure that she won't cover your nose and mouth area. Therefore, CellAct takes extra miles and hassles just to guarantee clients' safety and satisfaction. So, a warm reminder here: Do not think CellAct beauticians are busybody to interfere your privacy. After all, your safety is their priority. We shall cooperate with them and respect them for being so thoughtful and professional. ;)      
After the survey, Penny assisted me to one of the treatment cubicles.

 This time, the crystal LED wall lamp is in yellow! Perfect match with the yellow and white wall. A very different feeling from the reception. The cubicle gives a sense of warmness and relaxing.

 After you changed into their robe and ready on the bed, they will dim the light so that you could rest well with the comfortable lighting level.

The basic cleansing skincare range and tools.

I believe you know that, usually when we go for facial, you only choose which type of facial you wanna do, for example whitening, deep cleansing or firming. All steps and skincare are already fixed regardless your skin condition. But CellAct do it differently. I was given a Principle Facial, which is a customize facial for client. Beautician will provide you with what your skin need and able to accept. That means your whitening facial might be different from others' whitening facial. Again, another very thoughtful service. :)

Princess's Principal Facial goes this way:

1) Welcome Touch
Penny put the Botany lemon plus grapefruit aromatherapy oil on her palm and massage my face to ear. The smell of the essential oil plus massage really made me feeling so relax and comfortable.  Personally I think this is a good way to ready client's body and mind for the upcoming treatment.

2) Milk Cleanser
According to Penny, milk cleanser can gone through our skin surface, and deeply cleanse our pores and bring the dirt out. Now only I know!!! :)

3) Whitening Mousse
Second time of cleansing. CellAct also has apple mouse specially for young skin! Imagine the smell!!!  :D

4) Stimulating Gel Mask
This mask works to soften blackhead and whitehead. After applied for 5 minutes, Penny gently scrub the stimulating gel mask on my face to remove dead skin.  

5) Skin Analysis
This step is important so that client understand own skin condition; on the same time, the beautician will keep one copy as record so she can trace back on your next visit.

 6) Extraction
The most miserable step. LOL. But Penny did it to the minimal pain. One more thing, I always have the problem with people touching my nose, coz' I will be sneezing like hell. But thankfully, Penny done it so well that I only sneezed once after the whole process! I am happy! :)

7) Soothing Mask
Applied for 5 minutes to soothe my skin after extraction.

8) Comforting Cream Mask + Point Massage
After putting on the comforting cream mask, Penny gave my face a point massage so that the ingredients of the mask could absorb into my skin.

9) Comforting Cream Mask + Shoulder Massage
Again, apply a layer of the same mask for 20 minutes. On the same time, Penny gave me a shoulder massage, which I totally collapsed fall asleep like nobody's business.

10) Lightening Day & Night Cream + SPF30 sunblock

DONE! A happy refreshing Valerie walking out from the cubicle! ^_*

Now you should know that the answer to beautiful skin is ~~:

For the past 50 years, CellAct products have been developed based on intensive scientific and technological research with proven international achievements. Different plant cell extracts, DNA, proteins, and only pure glacial water are used in all formulations. 

There are many product ranges, suitable for every different skin types.






 One of the most recommended treatment is this 5 Star Facial - Mira Instant Cell Boost Treatment.  This treatment moisture, condition, and nourish your skin. Mira means wonderful in Latin. Like its name, visible results could be achieved immediately after one treatment transforming dull complexion into a radiant glow. I am so gonna try it on my next visit!! :)   




 The promotion items! Save a lot huh!!! :)

 My skincare expert, Penny. :)

 Can you see the radiant glow on my skin?  *ignore my dark circle

 There were minimal redness after the facial, which is really good.

Thank you CellAct Swiss for such Mira (wonderful) treatment and experience! ;) If you would love to find out the answer to your beautiful skin, visit CellAct Swiss now! First trial only RM38, you will get a Principal Facial that worth more than RM200!!!

CellAct Swiss
108G, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 9103 0588

Do check out their official website and Facebook page for more information, especially the Monthly Promo that CellAct Swiss offered!!!!

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. Hey, it's just nearby my house! :D I should give it a try! :D

    1. Hi Angeline, yup!! you should!:) if you see Kelly or Penny, tell her you read fron Valerie!! haha! :)

  2. good review and nice blog!! Drop by to say hi! =)


    1. Hi Cynthia, thx for dropped by here! i will make sure i roll the red carpet for u next time!! haha! take care! :)

  3. The place I go to (Massage Envy & Spas) have facials, but they are about $60-100 and I usually feel like its not worth it when I can have a massage. I think I will try a facial on my next bi-weekly visit


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