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Hatyai Trip - Day One

Last week I went to Hatyai with my Doraemon. It was our first time taking a flight together. I was kinda not-so-excited because I had to applied for unpaid leaves, yeah, during my probation period, which was very unprofessional. :( Anyhow, we booked the flight tickets way before I got the job. So yeah, what to do wor?  So I took a 3 days leave, and plus the Raya holidays and weekend, I started my 5 days 4 nights Hatyai trip. #1 Time to check in my luggage!  #2 Had very scrumptious breakfast at Coffee Beans! Thumbs up! :) #3  Sat at the window seat. Love the sunlight that made me prettier. LOL. #4 Hatyai, here I come!!!  When we reached Hatyai and left our baggage at hotel lobby storage room, we can't wait to explore Hatyai! But of course, must feed ourselves first!! XD #5 Deng deng! We purposely went to BBQ Plaza to see what's the difference between Thailand one and Malaysia one. And indeed, much differences in terms of freshness

A lil' update about me

Firstly, I have to apologize for didn't update my blog frequently! Sorry! *bow down* Secondly, the reason being is that I have got myself a full time job at an event company!! Yeah, I started my job since August 1st. Every Monday to Friday, 10am to 7pm I will not be available for any blogger events anymore. :( When there's event organize by my company, I got no day off on weekends and public holidays as well. :(( I find so paradox with my job now. On one hand, finally I got myself a stable job with stable income; On the other hand, I am more restricted to do my own stuffs now. Aiks... :( ANYWAY... Let's talk about something happy! Hope you get a little update about my recent life! *wink* #1 My colleagues- Sookie and Pey. Me and Sookie are the Marketing & Promotions Executive. Really grateful that she taught me a lots. Thanks Sookie! xoxo  #2 Was having a 'Thank You Dinner' by Datin for the Miss Malaysia Tourism production crews. Though I was

Monday blue? How about Monday Turquoise?

I remembered the last time I did my own manicure was......hmm.... can't recall. Haha. Already used to visit nail saloon for a more assured quality. LOL. But! Due to super attractive promotion at Etude House, I decided to get the top coat, base coat, and also a nail polish.  And so, the adventure beauty tour goes on! #1 Cut my finger nails into short one. I kinda love short nails, looks very neat.  #2   Use the Skin Food Coffee Almond Nail Scrub to scrub my nails. #3  Baby captured me when I was focus-ing. :p #4 #5 After scrub, rinse with clean water.  #6  Now apply the Almond Moisture Nail Essence that provides vitamins for your nails. #7 #8 Etude House base coat.  #9 It looks blueish but is actually transparent when you put on your nails.  #10  Etude House Nail Polish in Turquoise color. *heart* #11 #12  Baby keep teased at me and asked why my hand shaking so much when applying nail colo

[ADV] The Answer to Beautiful Skin is HERE!!! ^_*

Everyone wish to have a very healthy, radiant and glowing skin. Yet, our surroundings are so polluted with radioactive, dust, and UV which are inevitable nowadays. Then, how can we achieve beautiful skin with all those extraneous variables?  To get the answer, I brought myself to Taman Connaught. #1  My first impression: RECEPTION. The combination of white and turquoise blue interior design gave a sense of clean and comfortableness.  Kelly, the manager of CellAct Swiss welcomed my arrival with very warm greeting and smile. I was served to change into a comfort home slippers and proceeded to a guest room.  #2  The corridor door that separates the guest room and treatment cubicles from reception area. #3  Once Kelly slide the door, I was attracted by the beautiful crystal LED wall lamp in purple. So dreamy isn't it? #4 Penny, my beautician of the day has been waited me in the guest room. A friendly and warm smile has calmed my anxiousness a little bit