Set yourself free from all that hair with FURLESS!

 Just to share a story with you all. p/s: strictly for 18 years old and above. *evil grins*

 A conversation between me & a very best guy friend.

Him: Initially I am really in that mood, but then hor....
Me: But then what? 
Him: When I am trying to get my hand there, not that low, is just under the belly button there, I could feel the bushes! I couldn't imagine what has become down there!! OMG! It killed my mood INSTANTLY! 

Moral of the story: Keeping your lawn clean and neat all year long because messy lawn kills your sexiness, like seriously!!  

Okay, besides making you feel sexy, the main reason is for hygiene purpose. And to avoid the following symptoms:
  1. Discolored skin on your underarms and intimate area
  2. Dry skin caused by shaving
  3. Razor bumps and stubble
  4. Coarse hair
  5. Ingrown hair
If you already have some of the symptoms, do not worry, is never too late to salvage the situation! Furless Waxing is here to help you out! *the superman music on*

At Furless, they imported 3 types of wax, which can be differentiated by its color: Green, orange, and pink. One is for sensitive skin, one is for long coarse hair, and one is for short hair. Therapist will choose and apply the wax according to your condition. Oh well, this time I go Furless with three of them.    
 Soothing liquid that will ease down your painfulness, and also calm your treated skin. I called it a 'savior' because each time the therapist wax my skin, the irritates feeling will go away once the soothing liquid is applied. 
 I called this the 'dessert' after the 'main course'! LOL! After you experienced some pains and irritates, Furless make sure you are awarded for your braveness and perseverance!! This cooling treatment is to finish up your waxing treatment, by cooling down your skin, and sort of inform your body that, "hey, you are done! no more hitting your threshold of painfulness!" Hahaha!

 The friendly lady boss, so young and ambitious! 

Anna, my therapist of the day. She is very friendly. She made sure you are not nervous and scare by keeping the conversation on, checking your feelings each time the removal is done, and also giving advices and answered your inquiries. Thank you, Anna! :)

I had a pleasant experience at Furless Waxing. If you are interested to manage your lawn (Golden Triangle, Out of the Box, Striptease or Totally FURLESS), try it out here!  

Furless Waxing 
Furless | Be Fearless
21-M, Block B, Jaya One, 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Operation Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 8pm
Phone: 03 - 7931 7326

Remember to check out their Facebook page for more promotions and information! First trial at Furless enjoy 50% discount by mentioning Valerie Chua, not difficult to mention my name right? Hehe.. Furless Virgin (first timer for waxing), be fearless, Furless not only will give you 50% discount, plus they will be 50% gentler! *winks*

Enjoy your waxing experience at Furless now! 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. I love waxing, much better than shaving. The place I go to is Brazilian and they have a honey wax that is amazing. It does not hurt and they don't use the strips, they just put the honey mixtures and you and it cools in seconds and they just take it off. So painless, love the place but it is very pricey. Not as pricey as some of the other places in NY though.

    1. We also have the Honey wax like your side do.At here, we call it hard wax. :) Some have chocolate or strawberry flavor, some just normal one, no flavor. Yes, waxing is rather expensive too in KL. But if the result is okay, I don't mind spending that money for the hygiene purpose. :)


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