My Journey as Miss Malaysia Tourism 2nd Runner Up

Hi guys and gals!! I am back! Do you miss me? ^_* Regarding the away notice, I was away for the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 pageant. I am so excited to share my experience with you all! Are you ready to read it? ;)

Finalists were asked to check in Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel on July 3rd, 8pm. Body measurement was done and briefing regarding next day itinerary was given to all the finalists. Then we can collect our room key and get back to our room for rest. One worrying part is that you don't know who is your room mate!! I really cannot stand it if my room mate is very dirty and messy. Luckily I got Kiyo, who loves cleanliness and tidiness, same as me. Thank God. 

Here you go the pictures of our room. 





Had Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque before sleep. 

Night peeps. Be prepare for upcoming challenges. 

 Morning call was 7am. WTH. Do you know it was ages since I last woke up at 7am? But you know, first day ma, you feel so energetic to do some new things, so you could wake up immediately once the alarm rang.

 My breakfast.
p/s: A breakfast a day, keeps Valerie moving on for the challenges! 

 On-the-go for photo shooting.Done with make up and setting my hair.

 Done! Now going for photo shooting! ;)

Tommy, one of the hairstylists fixed up hair for me.

 Haha! See how my wind-effect-hair comes from!!

 I love this!

 The original copy. :)

 The second hairdo for batik shooting.

Light make up turned into smokey make up.

 With other finalists - Balqish, Eunice, Kiyo and Carrey G.

O.o shock at the price of one of the batiks!!!

Some of the original copies of my batik shooting. Which one you prefer?





Next, the product shooting. This is for Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel if not mistaken.







 With finalist no.1 to 6 while they are doing their video shooting.

Had Chatime, one of the sponsors. 

At night, we had our orientation. Gone through the rules and regulations, and I felt as if I am under so many controls and restrictions. I suddenly feel so tired for this...

Today is the Press Conference for Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012. We were taught on how how to walk, talk, sit, smile, and be gorgeous so that we won't embarrass ourselves and the whole team. And believe or not, I smiled till my lips trembling. Fml.



 Then we have make up class, brought to us by Avon.

We are allowed to tried all the Avon cosmetics.

Miss Gabri gave us a short speech, regarding our performances on PC, and also some tips and advices.

 We have our welcome party + talent audition night!!

I am all set for the party!!

Carey T, Carrey G, and me.





 The 4 pretty ladies - Eunice, Carey T, Carrey G, and me.

Waiting at the lounge with a cup of hot tea. Can't wait to see all the talents presented by part of the finalists! Gambate!! :)

Breakfast is very important to start off a hectic day.

Waiting for rehearsal.

Going to Poh Kong HQ, our sponsors.





I die die wanna take this shot in the packed lift! LOL. Thank you Wilson!! :)

 LOL! Such a hilarious shot!! All took out their camera phone to shot the itinerary of the next day! :p

On the way to JW Marriot, to attend the MRCA CEO Night.




We are required to do self-introduction, as the MRCA members will choose the Miss MRCA Radiant, one of the subtitles.

Finally know the story about The Golden Triangle, how Starhill and Lot10 could be so popular and become the attraction of tourists. Thanks to MRCA CEO Night. 


Today we will be visiting Ti Ratana old folks house and orphanage.


The children welcomed us with lion dance, and also traditional costume. :)








I know doing charity like this, is one of the ways to build and enhance our positive image. But as a psychology graduate who has taken the Youth Work subject, I felt utterly bad about this. I have this bad feeling when we visit orphanage. You ask me why? Okay, let me tell you.

Orphans are orphans because their parents left them. When we visit them, we played, we created bonding with them in the 3/4 hours period. After that, what we do? We left. This is why you will always see orphans crying when the adults visited them were about to leave. Aren't we doing the same thing as their parents did to them? After some time, the orphans will have this mindset: Why people come, create bonding, build trust, and left? This is why they have difficulty trusting people, you get what I mean?

I don't know, maybe this is just what I thought. You may say I am wrong, but this is who am I. My thoughts, my feeling. Feel me, or leave me alone.

I had very negative emotions after the visit. But still, the journey needs to go on. I can't collapse, right? Go go, Valerie!

 We reached Publika, for our first and only fashion show. Doing rehearsal for this show, which also the selection of Miss FAB Publikan, another subtitles.


 Celine, me & Pauline.













My foot was in agony!!! Wearing high heels for the whole day (not included days before)!! :'((


Today we had our small group video shooting.
 With Ling, the tallest contestant! :)


 LOL! Brian, oops!!

 The sexylicious Brian! :DDD

 With Ling again, getting ready for dinner at Dato's house. :)


 Our strengths - make funny faces! :p

 Carrey G, Jane, and me.



Thank you Dato for such wonderful night! We had fun with your very lame riddles! What you see at the front of woman and the back of cow? Guess it my dear friends! :p

Can you believe? Today morning call at 6am!! =.=!!! OMG! Lack of sleep is really killing me!! :(


The morning call was so early because we need to visit Kiwanis centre before the kids start their classes.

 Reading the symptoms of people with autism. Again, I frowned. I felt for them. :(

To protect their privacy and rights, sorry but no photos will be sharing. We brought them to a park nearby and played with them.Then fetched them home together with us by bus. This was their first time taking a bus, and most of them were very excited. :) 

Seriously, if you lack of passion, patience, and most importantly, LOVE; you wouldn't be able to take care of the autistic children. They can be good, they can be violent; to take care of them, you need to be very energetic, or be precise, double or triple energetic than normal human being.I was physically exhausted when taking care of my little boy there. I really salute those who got into this profession. Thank you for sacrifice yourself and give the autistic children a hope, love, and caring. *heart*

After the sweat and running session, we headed to Dragon I for lunch. It was also their mooncake launching.


I was selected by Datin to join the mooncake making demonstration. My first time making a mooncake!! :DD





My cheeky face when I put too much flour on the mould! LOL! XD


Being interviewed of my feeling making the mooncake.  



Lalalalala~~~ Nice le?? I got potential huh!

In the evening, we visited Avon, our Gold Sponsor.


Me & Pauline.




With Wincci Soo. :)



Today itinerary is RTM Selamat Pagi Live show --> Kraftangan Malaysia.




Aha! We made it on time to show our face in Live show! :)



Experienced how a reporter report news in studio. It was awesome fun! :)

Again, selected by Datin to interviewed by RTM. Was asked about myself, my feelings and my experience. And I am to answered in Bahasa Malaysia, which is tough job coz' it's been some time since I speak proper Bahasa Malaysia. After all, my interview session became a rojak one. =.=" So sorry for all the audience out there.



 Me, Kathleen, and Mei Yee.



Then we moved to the next destination - Kraftangan Malaysia.


LOL! Okay, I was just way too bored, and looking for something to play with! :p 


 Me & Eunice.

I was so serious and focus.


 Nice? And I did not stain any colorings on my skin!! Big claps!!

 Was way too hungry that I ate 2 plates. :p

Walked into the gallery that showcase traditional weapons. 




Today was indeed a happy and fun outing! Everyone is happy, i guess! :)



Today was an exciting day for every finalists. Yes, some of you got it right, the pre-judging day.





 Walked in, smiling, and looking gorgeous to all the judges and sponsors. (I hope I did all of the mentioned!!)

Sat down and answered questions.

Well, I don't think i did well. Maybe I think I can do even better. Anyway, everything is over now. Too late to reverse back, but never too late to learn from mistakes. *wink*



~~~~Rehearsal the whole day~~~~



Finally it's the day!!! Everyone is doing their very last bit and hope that we could put on a good show!


Of course, grab every moments to rehearsal before the real show!


 Who dare to show their naked face with the signs of eyebags, dark circles, and pimples due to lack of sleep??!! We dare!!!! Salute us please! :p




Looking at this, I know I am ready for tonight. I am gonna put on a good show, and I can go home soon after this!! I miss my Kitty chan room!!




With Jun.







 I am your contestant no. 8, Valerie Chua Hui Chin, representing Muar, Johor. *wink* 
















When they announced Top 5, here you go~~

 My shocked and blur look. If you watch on live/video, you could even laugh at my blur look. LOL.



 Top 5 need to answer a question based on topic selected: If you are selected as Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012, how would you promote Malaysia to others? Topic: Food, Souvenir, Place, Culture, and Fruits.

I ter-select fruit (fml), which I was prohibited to say Durian, the king of fruit (double fml).  

I thought I did a mess answered the question, as I saw Datin frowned when she listened to my answer, LOL. So sorry but the words just did not come to me when I needed them the most.

When the emcees announced the result:

"The Miss Malaysia 2nd Runer Up goes to............"

Drums roll~~~~~~

"Finalist no.8, Valerie Chua Hui Chin!!!"

 And again, my shocked and blur face appeared. =.=" I just couldn't believe God has this for me, you know?

 Sash-ing ceremony.

 Crowning ceremony.



 Datin pinned up my crown for me. Thank you.

I was too blur and I even forgot to walk to the center and take photos. LOL. =.="





And here you go:

 Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 winner: Jun Yong
1st Runner Up: Michelle Fong
2nd Runner Up: Valerie Chua

 After party with my dearest Bonnie. Thank you for taking care of us! Love you! Muaks!





Why I was there for this pageant? 

Initially I joined for fun and experience. I told myself, since I am already 24 years old, why not just give it a try before I reach the age limit. And I went. I had fun, I learned something new, I experienced so many of my first time there. 

To be frank, I never thought of winning, not even a subtitle. I told myself, if I win something, then I will be happy; if I lose, it doesn't matter. Because all the experiences and fun that I gained, I could never ever trade with money. 

Today, God has this gift for me. I appreciated and thankful to all the production crew members, Dato Danny Ooi, Miss Gabriella, Datin Sharmini Chor, Choreographer Catherine and Alan, our nanny Bonnie and Brian, photographers, all the friends that I knew in this pageant, and everyone who has taught me, guided me, and led me! 

Thank you! *A big bow from me* Arigato! 

I would proudly say, my life is now have another climax and memories that I could remembered till I die. 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. CONGRATS ON BEING 2ND RUNNER UP! I knew one day you would achieve amazing things! I hope you can take this far and develop a career from it, all the best of luck Val. And I know how you feel about the orphan children, I also believe that the abandonment reoccurring does affect them badly. But anyway, live strong and congrats!

    1. THANK YOU ROSIE!!! *hugs* Yes, I did. After joining this pageant, the organizer offered me a job in their event company, which is something I've been always wanted to do! After joining, I will be located in Marketing department. However, I will learn about organizing an event and PR asides from marketing. I've been wanting to work in this industries, since I was a freelancer, and I wanna move to the backstage. Now my dream comes true!! :) And it's my very first permanent job after i graduated!

      Yes, thanks about the orphan children matter. I will stay strong and do what I am supposed to do.

      Thank you Rosie! I am so happy to see you here again!


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