Exclusive tea session with Ena Matsumoto ♥ !!!

Ena Matsumoto (松本惠奈) is an ex-Vivi magazine model, and currently the Japan fashion brand EMODA producer. She is only 27 years old this year yet she is so successful! I always admire her unique style. Her make up, her mole near her eye, her fashion coordinate, and also her posing. :) 

In conjunction with Tokyo Street 1st anniversary and also official launching of Vivi magazine Malaysia Edition, Ena-chan was here, in Pavilion KL to meet her fans!!! Whee~~ ^o^ Coincidentally, I need to go check out my promoter in Pavilion. Hence, perfect timing! :)

I was late and Ena-chan's fans meet up session already started. To stand a chance to take a photo with Ena-chan, you need to buy a Vivi magazine Malaysia edition there or spend minimum RM20 at Tokyo Street. They only have July copies while I already got myself the August copy. So no point getting the same one right? At that moment, thanks to my savior, Reiko!!! Ena-chan was about to leave, and I have no time to go shopping, so Reiko gave me her shopping receipt, and I was able to take photo with Ena Matsumoto!!! :DDD Thanks babe!!! *hugs*  

OMG! She is so pretty, slim and fashionable!!! If I would to wear that floral pants, you will see 2 big carrot legs. =.="

 She looked so sweet and adorable in this photo. From #1 cool look, to this sweet look, Ena-chan is really capable to carry any styles!!! *envy*

 She still looked so fabulous even standing alone there, while waiting for her fans to get up on the stage!

And to my surprise, Reiko and me are asked to stay back for the tea session with Ena Matsumoto!!!!! :-o :-o :-o OMG!!  10 lucky fans are selected for this exclusive tea session! Thank you Keiko, Deputy Managing Editor of Vivi magazine Malaysia!! ^_^

We settled down at En Ginza Cafe. 10 lucky fans were asked to fill up the survey questionnaire for EMODA. 
 No worries, you are so welcome, Ena-chan! :) Will I receive your email soon? *daydreaming* LOL.

 She doesn't really look like Japanese huh? Love her sharp nose so so much!!!and also the shape of her face!!! *heart*

 Sitting on the same table! I am excited! (thou there are 2 persons in between me & Ena-chan!LOL) 

During the tea session, we talked about Malaysia's fashion and girls. We also talked about what we like about Ena-chan. I hate myself for not knowing Japanese else I will be able to understand what Ena-chan was talking about!!! *bang against the wall* >_<

Upon leaving, take a photo with Ena-chan! I also took one photo using my Hello Kitty Fisheye!!! Can't wait to develop the film!!! :-DDD 

Thank you for making my working Sunday such a memorable and fun one! *hugs*

If you just know Ena Matsumoto and wanna know more about her, or you are her hard core fans already and wanna support her, please like her official Facebook page:

Besides that, you can show her more love by visiting her 'baby'- EMODA

Official Website: http://emoda-japan.com/

ATTENTION: EMODA is looking for business partner in Malaysia. If you are interested, please do contact EMODA. Visit their website for more information. If they can get potential business partner, I believe the first EMODA outlet in Malaysia will be opening soon!!! *finger crossed*

While I was happy tea-ing with Ena-chan, my poor Doraemon had to find something else to do, ALONE. Thank you baby for bear with me and did not lose temper. *muaks* And so, I went to meet up with Doraemon at Tokyo Don, for our brunch.

 My hot green tea and the free cold tofu.

 My una don. Very pricey, RM33.00. =.=" But it tasted nice though. 

After the unexpected experience, I got to continue with my work. But of course, happily. ^_^

PrinCess of the Day 

Love print cropped top inspired by Topshop, room8008. High waist denim and belt, Dot Boutique Sungai Wang.  

Ring, Forever 21 Singapore. Manicure-purple color with silver design and diamante, Angel Dress

 Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. Damn envy!! Too bad I couldn't make it on Sunday... I saw her on Saturday only... :'(

    1. Oh I see! I missed out Saturday's show coz I was working and couldn't make it on time there! :( Never mind la, you envy me once, I envy you once!! :)


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