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Exclusive tea session with Ena Matsumoto ♥ !!!

Ena Matsumoto (松本惠奈) is an ex-Vivi magazine model, and currently the Japan fashion brand EMODA producer. She is only 27 years old this year yet she is so successful! I always admire her unique style. Her make up, her mole near her eye, her fashion coordinate, and also her posing. :)  In conjunction with Tokyo Street 1st anniversary and also official launching of Vivi magazine Malaysia Edition, Ena-chan was here, in Pavilion KL to meet her fans!!! Whee~~ ^o^ Coincidentally, I need to go check out my promoter in Pavilion. Hence, perfect timing! :) I was late and Ena-chan's fans meet up session already started. To stand a chance to take a photo with Ena-chan, you need to buy a Vivi magazine Malaysia edition there or spend minimum RM20 at Tokyo Street. They only have July copies while I already got myself the August copy. So no point getting the same one right? At that moment, thanks to my savior, Reiko!!! Ena-chan was about to leave, and I have no time to go shopping,

Kicks-off Ramadan with

Time flies and now is the time for Ramadhan! If you don't know what is Ramadhan, let me tell you. Ramadhan is Muslim month of fasting, which Muslims are refrain from eating, drinking, sexual relations, smoking, and other sinful behaviors, from dawn till sunset. And of course, after sunset, they are allowed to buka puasa, which is to have a feast!!  Personally I am abit paradox when comes to Ramadhan. I like Ramadhan because you can find so many Muslims food bazaar and get yummy Malays' traditional dishes. On the other hand, I dislike Ramadhan because the road traffic become 10 times worse than usual!! Eventually you start to stuck in jam from 4pm. fml. In addition, most of the halal restaurants will be so extremely packed during the buka puasa time. Not to mention finding parking bays. =.=" Now all these problems could be solve with!! is an online food-ordering delivery website that offers more than 100 restaurants and variety of cuisines,

Food lovers will love the Worthy Book

What is Worthy Book? Precisely, the Worthy BookTM F&B Special Edition 2012-2013 , is a book that will excites every food lovers!! You ask me how? Okay, let me tell you!  #1 First of all, the varieties of the food selection; there are more than 55 eateries featured in Worthy Book!! What you can think of: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Western, Local/Fusion, Steamboat, Cafe/Bakeries, Snacks, Pub/Bar/Bistro, and Drinks are all INCLUDED in this small little Worthy Book!  :D Secondly, it can eases your food hunting trip because it covers over 30 major malls , which included Pavilion, Mid Valley Megamall, Times Square, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid, etc; and also malls that are near to your neighborhood, such as Festival City, 1 Mont Kiara, Ampang Point, Publika, and many many more. No more hassle deciding which malls to go, just visit your favorite mall!!  I don't know about others, but for me, I kinda love to find out the story behind a eatery. It is somehow

Set yourself free from all that hair with FURLESS!

 Just to share a story with you all. p/s: strictly for 18 years old and above. *evil grins*  A conversation between me & a very best guy friend. Him: Initially I am really in that mood, but then hor.... Me: But then what?  Him: When I am trying to get my hand there, not that low, is just under the belly button there, I could feel the bushes! I couldn't imagine what has become down there!! OMG! It killed my mood INSTANTLY!  Moral of the story: Keeping your lawn clean and neat all year long because messy lawn kills your sexiness, like seriously!!   Okay, besides making you feel sexy, the main reason is for hygiene purpose. And to avoid the following symptoms: Discolored skin on your underarms and intimate area Dry skin caused by shaving Razor bumps and stubble Coarse hair Ingrown hair If you already have some of the symptoms, do not worry, is never too late to salvage the situation! Furless Waxing is here to help you out! *the superman music on*

Happy Friday with Hello Kitty madness!!!

After being isolated away from the reality world for 10 days, I found that I can't live without shopping!! I will literally die ok! teehee... So I spent my lovely Friday at Sunway Pyramid and shopped my heart out!! :D I love Parkson Sunway Pyramid because it has Sanrio corner there, a place where I will never miss out every time I visit Sunway Pyramid! So did today! ;)   #1 Tada~~!!! I got this cute Kitty plush and a pink hair clip, each for RM59.90. Look at the red star on Kitty's right ear and also the heart shape on Kitty's left feet! So cute right? I am surprised that it only costs RM59.90, teehee~~! The pink hair clip is very cute as well (and is big!! XD)!!! Gonna use it on my next outing! ;)  ATTENTION TO KITTY FANS/SANRIO FANS!!!     #2 From July 1st to August 31st 2012 , be a member of Sanrio Fans Club and you can enjoy the exclusive members privilege with just RM20 membership fees when you purchase RM80 in a single receipt. Privileges

My Journey as Miss Malaysia Tourism 2nd Runner Up

Hi guys and gals!! I am back! Do you miss me? ^_* Regarding the away notice , I was away for the Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012 pageant. I am so excited to share my experience with you all! Are you ready to read it? ;) PROLOGUE   Finalists were asked to check in Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel on July 3rd, 8pm. Body measurement was done and briefing regarding next day itinerary was given to all the finalists. Then we can collect our room key and get back to our room for rest. One worrying part is that you don't know who is your room mate!! I really cannot stand it if my room mate is very dirty and messy. Luckily I got Kiyo, who loves cleanliness and tidiness, same as me. Thank God.  Here you go the pictures of our room.  #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Had Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque before sleep.  Night peeps. Be prepare for upcoming challenges.  CHAPTER 1  Morning call was 7am. WTH. Do you know it was ages since I last woke