Wow!!Belated birthday gifts!!

I know it's been 3 months plus since my birthday, and yet I still receive birthday gifts!! The gifts came all the way from Japan some more!!! Teehee~~

 A big paper bag....

 With 2 small paper bags inside it!! Whee~~~

 Birthday gifts from Dexon. A Halloween Kitty and a pair of I Heart Niigata Kitty socks. ^_*

 See how cute is Kitty's hand posture! :)

 Kitty's usual ribbon is substituted by a scary bat.

 A jumpsuit like costume printed with silver moon & star. She has a pair of weird shoes. LOL. The whole black platform shoes!! 

 The jumpsuit comes with a bat wings!! Fly ah ah ah ah~~~

 Kitty's devil tails....Ngek ngek ngek.....

Birthday gifts from Kent. Hello Kitty in floral suit and Niigata Hello Kitty handkerchief!! ^_*

 Kitty has very sexy lower eyelashes~~ Phewitt~~

Floral shape and floral printed ribbon.

 The dress is awesomely gorgeous!!! A silky waist line with flower, and also a white lace hemline to compliment the floral printed dress.Oh, and the quality is super *thumbs up*!!! :D

 Kitty has a pair of...hmm...'ballet flats'? Hehe... 


This Kitty chan is 'imported' from Universal Studios Japan. 

Thank you Kent and Dexon!! I really appreciate your efforts! Really thankful that you guys still remember to get me my birthday gifts even when you went to Osaka! Thanks for adding in these unique Kitty chan into my collections! I swear you will be remembered when I open my own Hello Kitty gallery! The 'book of honors' will definitely put in both of your names! LOL! XD 

Arigato!! xoxo!! 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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