What's in my bag over the weekend?

People might curious what is inside a Hello Kitty maniac's bag throughout the weekend. Okay, hereby I shall reveal to you what are those things that I carried around for my weekend outings.  
WARNING: If you hate cat, kitten, or mouth-less meow, please do not read further. No joke. A message brought to you by the all time Hello kitty maniac.

 Been carrying this Banana Republic Fragrances bag that I got it in Singapore, a GWP of bebe EDP. The material is very soft and allows space extension when you put in many things. I kinda love it as my daily outing bag.
 Here you go! 
  1. Hello Kitty pink pull string bag. Used it as sanitary bag.  Easy storage yet look cute.
  2. Plasters. For first aid purpose, especially when my ankles hurt by new pumps or flats. 
  3. Wet tissue. Which I think is cleaner than a sanitizer but not so environmental friendly lo. Sorry Mother Earth!! :(((  
  4. TOSCANO wallet. Used for 4 years plus already, bought by Doraemon. Superb quality.
  5. Lomography Fisheye Hello Kitty edition camera.
  6. Sugar free Mints.
  7. Axe brand medicated oil. For mosquitoes bites and headache. Mosquitoes just love me, I wonder why! I am not blood O-type ok!!
  8. Samsung Galaxy SII.
  9. Peco x Hello Kitty strawberry chocolate.
  10. Hello Kitty tissue purse.
  11. Beige color scarf.
  12. Hello Kitty Must Die novel, by Angela S. Choi. 
 My all time favorite analogue camera! Come with built-in flash that enable a clearer indoor shoot compare to my Superheadz Golden Half Hello Kitty edition camera. But will purchase an add-on flash for my Golden Half soon! ;)

  The I Singapore sugar free mints was bought by my mom during her last trip there. The peppermint is quite refreshing. 

Hello Kitty pink cover with Hello Kitty pluggy for my Samsung Galaxy SII.

 Bought this Peco x Hello Kitty strawberry chocolate in a Japanese Food Fair. It taste yummy because it is not too sweet, and the strawberry flavor is so nice!!! 


 Allows more packets of tissue storage. Most importantly, after searching for so long, finally I found a Hello Kitty tissue purse!! Can replace my NaRaYa tissue purse already!! Heehee..

I accidentally found this book in Kinokuniya, under the Mysterious division. I found its title very interesting, hence decided to bought it home. And to my surprise, this novel is really interesting that I finished reading it in 2 days. The author used humor and straightforward style which I believe not all readers can accept. One of my friends even asked me to read a 'healthier' book. LOL. Anyway, a good read. :) 

So yeah peeps, these are all the stuffs I've been carrying around throughout the weekend! What about yours? *wink* ;) 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu 


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