Weekend Food Diary Episode 1

If you know me well enough, except fashion and Hello Kitty, food will be my purpose of living in this planet. LOL. I mean, I spend most of my time eating, sometimes I can eat up to 6 meals per day. XD 

Just for sharing, I had some really nice food over the weekend with my Doraemon. Let's have a food tour with me! ;)

 Appetizer - Mango Salad with crispy biscuit. I don't eat salad basically, coz' I don't like raw vegetables. But this mango salad is so yummy, especially with the crispy biscuit! Perfect match!

 Vegetable. I hope the portion is slightly bigger for this vegetable.

 Grilled pork.

 Grilled lamb chop.  

 Seafood pasta.

 Germany sausage pizza.

Dessert - Ice cream with warm chocolate cake. Love this!! *heart*

All the above food are from Birdman Cafe & Restaurant, located at The Strand, Kota Damansara. This is actually a set meal for 4 person, except #1 to #7, there are also 4 rices, 4 soups, and 4 drinks!! Guess what? Only costs us RM79.90 (price exclude service charge and government tax). So damn cheap right? The perfect meal for family or friends gathering! 


 Spicy aglio olio with prawns.

 Carbonara with mushroom and hams.

Went to this pH pastryhouse on Sunday morning with Doraemon for the first time. Let's talk about the environment, it was pretty good and relaxing. The food, I would say aglio olio is worth to try, but carbonara, hmm... not our cup of tea. Well, service is a bit out. The staffs are slow and not so attentive. I not sure whether is it because it was peak hour. But I do saw many customers complained about the delay of their food. 

Anyway, if you would like to try it out, pH pastryhouse is located at 54, Jalan Utara, KL. 
Bought these Hello Kitty Melon Caramel and Hello Kitty Toukibi Caramel at the Japanese Food Fair, Paradigm Mall. The melon one taste better than the toukibi one. Hehe... The products of Sapporo!!! 

 Healthy Dumpling.

 Vegetable in clear soup.

Rice with mushroom and baby abalone. 

Tang Shifu, serves healthy dishes and soups. Quite recommended. This outlet is located at Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall. Feel free to try it out if you love Chinese food, soup, and most importantly, healthy dishes.

That's the end of my Weekend Food Diary Episode 1. Hope you enjoy the food (by looking at the photos!! LOL!! XD) 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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