Special weekend with my Darling ~~♥

It has really been some time since I last met with my darling Hurley. If not mistaken, during Kitty chan's 37th birthday last year. So, count by fingers, you know how long la! I remembered we were over the phone few months ago, and darling is so busy that I said I should make appointment with her in 2013. LOL. 

But thank God, there's no need to wait till 2013. Darling has spared some time for me, all the way from Johor Bahru to KL. *so touching* 

Had our Chatime together at Chatime Galleria, Lot 10. Great time spending together gossip chit chat and care about each others life. :p 

Reveal to the world, my darling Hurley!!! :-*

 Darling has treated me a super yummy dinner at Sushi Zanmai. Thanks darling! p/s: so sorry for my boyfriend's rude behavior and ordered like nobody's business. LOL. XD

After dinner, we headed back home for my allergy medicine. Forgot to bring it out hence the hassle. =.=" Played with my sleepmate - Guai Guai with my Burberry fragrances traveling bag. LOL. Looked like those pet bag for puppies! :p

Me & darling going out for supper... Hehe... 

My new Hello Kitty cover and pluggy, bought at Sungai Wang together with my darling. 

Played with baby's bro's ipad. LOL. We took turn to play the badminton game. And we ended up shouting and cursing like nobody's business in the restaurant. And also found my long lost love - O2jam!!! A music game which I used to play when I was form 4. Darling can play O2jam so well!!! *thumbs up* Evidence that she is so much smarter and well developed for both left and right brains!!! 

Look so familiar huh this paper bag? Thanks darling! Will never forget what you've did to me. LOL. XD muaks!!! :-*

Thou it was only 2 days, I had so much fun with you darling. Hope to see you drop by again!! Will always leave a VIP space for you! Haha! Call me anytime la ya! Take good care and I hope to let you see a healthier me next time. LOL. Muaks!! xoxo

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. Darling get a perfect score in O2jam too!! *applaud*

    take good care so that we can hang out again!
    looking for the next yah!!

    1. Aiyo, only for that particular song le... *pai sei*

      Yup yup, still recovering, cough persist, haiz... Really hope can have you with me for Kitty chan's birthday this year! :)

    2. Perhaps~


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