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Last Sunday I went to Singapore with Doraemon. This time we decided to go by bus because Doraemon was lazy to drive more than 4 hours there. Furthermore, we were staying at my relative's house, which is very convenient to take bus and MRT. It was around dinner time when we finally reached Singapore. So my aunt brought us to eat at Lao Pa Sat (Old Market) near Raffles Place. Was way too tired and we headed back home to rest earlier for the second day outing! *wink*

 Went for breakfast at Hock Sin coffee shop. 

Tried out the stall as it was recommended by my aunt. Oh and by the way, we were fortunate enough coz' it was the last three days they operate at this shop as they are moving to another location. 

  Baby is in good mood. Hehe.. :)

 The braised pork, intestine, tofu, egg, and pork skin.

 Baby's kuey chap (something taste like kuey tiao), meant to eat with #4. Yummy! :)

I love the duck noodle to the max! *thumbs up* 



As I was not feeling well, with cough and slightly flu; I went back to my aunt's house for medicine. 


Baby stalked me when I was taking medicine. Haha! I always told him I will be rather happy if he could snap some photos of me when I was doing something or not paying attention to him as this is where candid natural shots come from. He seldom do this unless I call him to, and this time was his own initiative. Hehe... 


And we are ready to go out!!! :) 

Oh, let's see what I was wearing for my outing in Singapore. ;)

PrinCess of the Day:
Apple Green Sleeveless Top and Black High Waist Shorts, both from The Angel Dress; Pink ballet flats, TIAMO; Bag, TOD'S.

  Earrings, Connaught Pasar Malam. Super cheap and chic!! Love it! *heart*
We wanted to go shopping around Orchard Road. So we took bus which is a better option than MRT at that location.
 Haha! The body guard of the bus stop sign!! XD 

 I am the Miss Bus Stop Sign pula! LOL!


 Saw this Hello Kitty jewelry collection, if not mistaken, in a jewelry shop named Poh Heng. What an adorable piece! 


Was craving for Taiwan bubble tea. Finally found something that can treat my crave - Gong Tea! Hehe, what a blessed day! :) 


After satisfied my craving, we walked around again and we saw this Oldies Cars exhibition!!! So cool!


































 I would love this to be my girls outing car or maybe my Hello Kitty car!! :DDD




 Hungry and found this hawker centre at the roadside! :)

WARNING: CONTENT IS 18SX!!! Saw many adult shops in this building opposite the hawker centre. LOL. My first time ever saw so many different types of vibrators and sex toys! Was surprised that they could imitate and produce the human body parts that is almost 99% similar to the real human body parts!!! :p 

 Baby's laksa. Look so freaking yummy but I can't eat due to sickness!!! Argh!! FML! >_<

My minced pork clear soup. 

"Hi friends!!!", said Hello Kitty x Grimace from McDonald Singapore. Whee~~ Got it finally! Even thou is display set... better than none la after all! Hehe.. *positive thinking*

After a long long day, let's share what I have got in one day, or more precisely, 5 hours. XD
 Dang dang!!! :) 

For Him: Levi's Jeans, Braun Buffel wallet, and Burberry perfume. 
For Me: McDonald Hello Kitty x Grimace, Hello Kitty shower gel, Hello Kitty knee-length socks, 2 Hello Kitty wedding wishes cards, Levi's Jean, Bebe EDP and complimentary Banana Republic Fragrances bag, Burberry perfumes and complimentary traveler bag and cosmetic bag.
Burberry BODY EDP, 85ml; body milk, 35ml; miniature, 4.5ml.

 Burberry London, 30ml. 

 Burberry Weekend, 30ml.

 Burberry Sport body lotion, 50ml; Burberry THE BEAT, 7.5ml.

bebe sheer EDP, 100ml.

I was attracted by bebe perfume since I watched 8 Style on TV. I have known that not only the bottle design look sweet, the packaging box is awesome and unique too!! *heart* And I can't help, but to get one for myself! LOL. 

It was really a wonderful day, despite the amount that we have spent (some more need to convert the currency from S$ to RM, =.=""" *faint*) Anyway, what a 'fruitful' trip! LOL! ^_*

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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