Salute Launch Party by Wacoal Malaysia

I was invited to the Salute Launch Party by Wacoal Malaysia Sdn Bhd at Pavilion last week (benefit of being the Parkson Elite Card member!!!). I am not a Wacoal fans, to be honest. But I have always heard from my friends that Wacoal lingerie is very comfortable. And since so, I decided to attend the launching and check it out. *wink*

The registration started from 6.30pm and the event will begins at 7pm. All the guests were given a RM50 discount voucher on Salute Collection and a RM40 discount voucher for normal collection. Besides that, Parkson Elite Card members and UOB Lady Card holder were entitled for lucky draw. Woohoo~~

The dress code was Glamour Gold/Black. What I wore:

PrinCess of the Day:

Long sleeves lacey dress, Modestarr. Black leggings, unknown. Black pump heels, Sungai Wang. Black clutch, sis's.

 The live mannequins! They looked so dolly!! I was shocked when my friend told me, "Check out the models there! They are so pretty!" Then I was like, "where? where? mana?" Then she said, "neh.....on the stage there ah!" o.O Haha!

 The Salute Collection officially launched by the representative from Wacoal Malaysia Sdn Bhd!!


Congratulations!!! ^_^

And the Salute Collection fashion show starts!!





 My favorite model among all!








 She is so sweet, right? I think she has what it takes to become Victoria Secret's model, sweet look with sexy figure! It would be perfect if she is taller!



My favorite design among the Salute Collections. It looks so normal when hanging at the rack but it looks freaking awesome when put it on body!! *heart*

 The beautiful and awesome models! Big round of applause for them!! *claps* *piak piak piak*

The representatives of Parkson and Wacoal Malaysia Sdn Bhd took a group photo with the models.

After the fashion show, a fitting consultation session was given to the guests who are interested to get the Wacoal lingerie. As I mentioned before, I never try Wacoal lingerie, so I asked for a fitting consultation.  And needless to say, I got myself one set of #20!! Yippie!! ^_*

The lucky draw was drew after the fitting session, I almost got it with 1 number difference!! Mine was 0194, and they got 0199!! T.T Omg!! So close!! LOL! But never mind la, is just lucky draw anyway. The guests were given goodies bag before the event ends.

I really love this launch party (despite the fact that the person-in-charge left out my name even I RSVP before that =.="). The event was started on time and finished on time. The fashion show was also well planned. The runway was designed in a way that everyone could have a nice view of the Salute Collection, regardless where you stand. *thumbs up*  

Once again, congratulations on Wacoal's new collection - Salute!!! Thanks for having me in this launch party! :) If you are interested to buy, this collection priced from RM239.90 to RM399.90 for the bra, while RM89.90 to RM159.90 for the panty.

Get your Salute Collection at the nearest Wacoal!! I suggested you visit Parkson Pavilion because they have very nice Salute counter! :) Have fun with your lingerie shopping!

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. wow those models really thin! can see the rib bones! haha

    1. Yup! They are super thin, but still, what should have still have (boobs), LOL!

  2. Wacoal bras are great bra. Wacoal is the best quality. I wish they had a comfortable bra like this with some thickness to prevent nipple show. I do highly recommend barely there sleep bra if you're buxom like me.

    1. Hi Cathy, yup, I have to agree that Wacoal really offers great bras! Thanks for recommended! I will take a look of it! Hehe... :)


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