The main purpose of me visited Singapore last week was actually for this!!! Lady Gaga concert!!! I am not like a super big fans of her, but I just like her songs, her way of expresses herself, very genuine. The concert ticket was bought back in March if not mistaken. The bad thing about waiting for a concert for such long period is that I kinda lost the excitement. 

But the excitement strike me immediately when I stepped into the stadium. 

The crowd was amazed!! Everyone is so excited!!!

The DJ heated up the atmosphere before Lady Gaga started her performances.


 Me & Freda. 

 Sorry for the blurry. Can you see the guy with white and black painting all over his face?

And here is another guy with weird mask on his face. Many of the Lady Gaga's fans gone really extreme to dressed up themselves. I must say I admire the society's open minded. *thumbs up*

The crew started to moved away the DJ deck and Lady Gaga's face shown on the screen. Audiences were yelling and shouting and cheering!! 
 The lights were on!! :D Crowds were cheering even louder!!

 Can you see this??? The stage was decorated into a castle!!!




 I am still thinking is this a chicken or a lower body part of human. LOL. Any solvers? :p


 Very creative Lady Gaga head in the cage. The face is so real that every eyes movements, lip movements, even frown were like a true Lady Gaga's face! Maybe IT geek can tell me how they do this! ;)




Due to the distance, when I zoomed in, my camera couldn't snap a clear photo. :( I am so sad about it. But anyhow, I believe the memories will be the clearest 'photos' I had throughout the concert! 

This is the most worthy concert I have ever went! The lighting was awesome, the stage was so cool that the castle is like a 4 storey stage, where Gaga could go up and down for her performances and all her bands (guitarists, drummer, keyboard player) were all inside the castle itself! Not only that, the castle could opened to the side if you notice in the video! 

Besides that, Lady Gaga really impressed me with her super creative costumes, especially the meat dress. Haha, how dare she!! :D But I love it! Her voice is powerful, dance was great and she is able to communicate with audience so f*king well!! 

Many of you might be disapprove with Lady Gaga. But I think she is real and genuine. She is creative, fun, and humor. She is not afraid to show it out to the world. If you are reading this, ask yourself, are you wearing a mask, faking yourself everyday to face the world? How long have you not been in yourself? How long have you forgotten about your real self? 

I tried to answer that question on my own. Who am I? I am a Hello Kitty maniac. I am a pink lover. I am glutton. I am a shopaholic. I am talkative and humor. I am crazy and I love to muttering to myself. After all I am glad that I did not fake these and I've been myself. 

Lady Gaga reminds me to be myself, no matter how the world see me or think about me, as long as I do not harm people or violate the law. 

Thanks for being the superstar today, my dear Gaga. 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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