French Affair: Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion at Rootz Club, Lot 10

Fashion show is always one of my passions. I love how the creativity flow in and how the models actually carry the outfit. It's always excited when you see some of the unique designs and you wish you could put it on!! (which eventually some really cannot go on the street, only for the stage!) Hence, it was an honor for me to be a part of the Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion. 


If you still know nothing about Kronenbourg 1664, no worries, let me walk through with you briefly what is Kronenbourg 1664 and how this L'Aperitif Fashion was born. *act like the semi-bucket-water pro*
Being France's No.1 best selling premium beer, Kronenbourg 1664 is now sold in 70 countries worldwide with its 350 years of brewing heritage.

In the pursuit of premium beer, Kronenbourg discovered the Caviar of Hops - the Strisselspalt hops, with the selected barley whose grains produced some of the very best malts, combined with pure water from Vosges mountain; Kronenbourg 1664 has made its mark all over the world as the champagne of beers.  

Kronenbourg 1664 is a clear and bright, golden color beer. The aroma of Kronenbourg smells like flowery hops, citrus fruits, and malt aroma, with a touch of yeast, fruits, and peppers.  It tastes slightly bitter sweet with distinct citrus hop taste. It also has the refreshing and crisp uncut flavor. 


The Kronenbourg 1664 BLANC is the hot pick among girls because it tastes sweeter and more fruity than the original Kronenbourg 1664. 

So, you are curious how on earth a premium beer is linked to a fashion show. Be patience, here we go ya! Tell me, when you hear of 'Happy Hour', what you thought of? Let me guess! Most of the answers would said, "Of course is gather at a bar or club, drink beer, watch football, chit chat, and relax after a hectic work day." 
Yes, this is a very typical explanation of happy hour scene in Malaysia. However, Kronenbourg 1664 found that this is not their definition and style of happy hour thou. And the 'light bulb on'! Why not they reinvent the happy hour and create its very own culture?

Hence, the French ways of life: Aperitif, meaning a pre-dinner drink culture and fashion was introduced to celebrate the authentic Art of Pleasure. 

And this is how Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion started. By partnering with Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE, Andrea Fonseka, Amber Chia, Gilian Hung, and Keith Kee, Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion acts as the perfect platform to support the local Malaysian fashion industry. Nevertheless, you get the chances to see many of the talented local designers' creative conceptions!!! This is such a good news for our local fashion designer students!!! Never give up your dreams ya!! YOU HAVE THE PLATFORM NOW!!! :D
Without further talking, let's start our French Affair~~
The venue was decorated in French style.



 Me & Stella on the red carpet.

Me & Juliana Julian with our Kronenbourg 1664! LOL!

 Mr Soren Raven, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia gave an opening welcome note to the guests.

 Prof Dato Jimmy Choo OBE also gave a short and simple speech in regards of the Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion. He always look so smart and macho!!! I was shouting, "I love your heels, Dato Jimmy Choo!!!!" (The effect of alcohol... =.=")

Josiah and Andrea Fonseka shared some thoughts on this meaningful event.

The fashion show started off with Herane Zera's stylishly outrageous, extravagant and with an almost fairy tale quality of collection; subsequently Endy Law's futuristic collection of block colors.  












 The highlight of the night was this Kronenbourg 1664 jacket hold by the model - an elegant red, blue and white landscape wrapped the enigmatic bottle; a collaboration between Herane Zera and Endy Law.


After the fashion show, guests continued the exciting after party with unlimited supply of the Kronenbourg 1664!! Good news for beer lover!!! XD
 Sylvia, Louise, Tim, Stella & me.

 Stella, me, Jennifer & Elaine.

 Sylvia & me.

 Louise & me.

Louise, Sylvia & me. 
And yeah! ^_*

PrinCess of the Day:
Cropped top, Sevendays. Black tutu skirt, Like. Purple skinny belt, The Angel Dress. Black tights with ribbon print, unknown. Black pumps, Dot Boutique. Black blazer, Modestarr. Gold clutch, Michael Kors. Feather earrings, Connaught Pasar Malam. 

Oops! My sexy back!! LOL! Had too much of Kronenbourg 1664!!! :p

I seriously love the French version of Happy Hour, what say you? Interested to find out more information about L'Aperitif Fashion, please visit  

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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