A date with Nissan Sylphy and GroomEXP Professional Hair Salon

4 years ago, Nissan - a prominent Japan automobile brand has introduced the Nissan Sylphy into Malaysian market. Shortly after Nissan Sylphy was launched, it was picked by the authoritative AUTOCAR ASEAN as the magazine's Overall Car of the Year.   

 On this beautiful Saturday, few bloggers who are confirmed as not crazy ass or psycho driver on the road (LOL) have been invited to join the new 2012 Nissan Sylphy test drive. 

 Naomi, Isabella and me. Show them girl power! The 3 female racers drivers of the day. XD

Before we drive the Nissan Sylphy out on the road, Mr.Alfred from Public Relations Department explained the important features of the 2012 Nissan Sylphy to us.

Let's talk about the outlook features first (based on Sylphy 2.0XV Premium). 

The 2012 Nissan Sylphy is completed with bold new chrome grille and bumper design, and also new fog lamp housing for a more contemporary and impressive front.

Afraid to drive in the night or under bad weathers? No more worries with Nissan Sylphy's bi-xenon projector headlamps with Active Front-lighting System (AFS). This AFS provides powerful long-range illumination and optimum visibility in all weather conditions. Furthermore, Nissan Sylphy is the only car in its mid-sized sedan segment in Malaysia that offer this safety feature. 

Compare to Nissan Sylphy 4 years ago, the 2012 Nissan Sylphy now has dazzling tail lamps complement the Sylphy curves. 

  Nissan Sylphy comes with 16-inch 7-spoke alloy wheels

I know you are excited for the interior! Me too! Hehe...

Nissan Sylphy has a black interior theme with fine cherry wood trim. To maximize the comfort level, S-MOTION design theme is integrated into the centerpiece of the cabin; the distinctive clamshell seats are coutoured to comfortably support the human body. Besides that, Nissan Sylphy offer plenty of legroom (680mm) and overhead space. This is very true as I tried the backseat while Mr Alfred was explaining. I have a height of 174cm, the legroom is a huge concern for me. Thou you may curious, why on earth I will end up in backseat since I am driving. Because sometime when my grandpa visit me from my hometown, I will offer him to sit at the front passenger, while naturally I am in rear seats (my boyfriend will be driving most of the time). Well, compare to other cars in mid-sized segment, I realized Nissan Sylphy has the most legroom, at least for me. 

The seats are fitted with the premium quality Black Masumi Fabric that protects against scratches while possessing a soft, luxurious and textured feel. In addition, the leather combination interior is available in Brown or Black. (FYI: This is optional accessories, worth RM2000) 
Okay, stop wondering like I did. I was in puzzled when Mr Alfred passed me the control without keys. To my surprise, Nissan Sylphy actually offers intelligent key (i-key) keyless entry and engine start-up. I was a bit anxious to drive this keyless entry car since this was my first time driving a keyless entry vehicle! @_@

 There were 2 Nissan Sylphy for 5 bloggers to take turn and test drive the cars. And I was the first driver for one of the Nissan Sylphy. 

    Ready to go, Tim and Bell? *Ride at your own risk* LOL. XD

 Nissan Sylphy, which has a black interior theme with fine cherry wood trim, come with a new silver-ringed combination meter design incorporating Multi-Info Display (MID). The MID provides vehicle information which includes average and instantaneous fuel consumption. This could actually encourage fuel-efficient driving habit. *thumbs up* 

The car has a 6-speaker audio system (tweeters, front door speakers, and rear door speakers) that could deliver rich base lines and natural treble sound. Furthermore, the audio control buttons on the steering wheel could ease up your driving experiences, no more hassle and lose focus while tune the volume up and down! :) 

By the way, the multimedia touch screen navigator with simple 3D junctions and 2.5D building views has few convenient features, such as auto-engaged rear view monitor, Bluetooth hands-free, phonebook download, USB charging, play music and photo via SD card, USB drive and Bluetooth, etc. (FYI: This is optional accessories, worth RM3800)

One thing I love about Nissan Sylphy is that it has so many space throughout the cabin!!! The centre compartment space is deep enough for me to easily put my handbags; with cup holders to put my tea, or even put my phone. The upper compartment can flips back 180 degrees to become a tray for the rear seat passengers; hooks were added to help hang shopping grocery bags. Such a thoughtful design that is practical yet space-saving when you didn't use it.

Finally reached Pavilion KL and we parked our cars at the Porte Cochere, Valet services. 

 All the 5 bloggers together with 2 customers that actually bought the Nissan Sylphy. Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd, the sales and marketing arm of Nissan vehicles in Malaysia, would like to award these 2 lucky customers with hair makeover at GroomEXP Professional Hair Salon and also lunch at Kampachi, together with us! :) How sweet is the after-service! 

 We must have this before-and-after photo to prove the hair makeover is successful right? LOL. Me & Naomi before makeover.

Bell, Tim, me & Naomi.

First, they gave us a hair wash.



Rinsed up our hair.

 Then, we were given one of the latest treatments available in GroomEXP Professional Hair Salon, which is the F Program by Shiseido Professional. This product consists of 4 different treatments: Vital Filler, Color Booster, Moisture Jab and Power Up Lifter, which help protect and restore damaged hair. This range includes D-HPT (Deep) and L-HPT (Light) which are lightweight hair oils that clients can use at home for continuous protection. And we are given 2 samples for trial. :) 

 We were also served with Ochado bubble tea with The Loaf tuna bread. 

 How happiness to have food while doing hair treatment? How glutton I am!! XD

 Rinsed up our hair again after treatment. This is Chris, enjoyed his cooling hair wash.

 This is Tim, also enjoyed this pampering session. (Thou I don't understand do guys really need hair treatment? LOL)

 Felt so good after the treatment. :)

 Time to style and doll up me!! :DDDD

 Deng deng!!! I have natural wavy hair! :) 

 Me & Naomi after the makeover! We looked fresh, don't we?

 3 female racers drivers makeover and changed like Superman changed his costume in the telephone booth. But it takes him in second, it took us for hours. =.="


 A group photo of bloggers, hairstylists, the 2 lucky customers, and also staff of Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd.

GroomEXP is short for Grooming Expert. GroomEXP adopt Japan's most advanced styling technology to present contemporary Asian beauty to the Malaysian market. On the same time, GroomEXP aims to maintain Shiseido's core culture - omotenashi which translate to hospitality, by providing all services with utmost respect and courtesy to let the clients know they are valued.

If you are interested to try out GroomEXP Japan's style, you can visit their salon at Tokyo Street Pavilion KL, Lot 10 Shopping Centre KL, Section 13 Petaling Jaya, or AEON Station 18 Shopping Centre, Ipoh.

Nissan and GroomEXP crossover! :DD

Girls, undeniable, love to take photo in washroom. You wonder why? I wonder why too. But it just seems like photos taken in washroom always look nicer. LOL. XD

After took a loo break, we went for our lunch at Kampachi.Way too hungry!! :p





During the lunch, I was sitting opposite one of the Nissan Sylphy customers, Miss Ghin Shia. We were free to ask about their Sylphy driving experience and also share our test drive experience with them. It was very funny that we do have some sort of similar schema toward Nissan's produce cars.
  1. Nissan is meant for uncles. LOL. This is so true as when we mention Nissan, immediately people thought of this.
  2. Compare to other Japan automobile brands, Nissan never comes across our mind when we think of getting a vehicle. This 'we' meaning younger generations. 
However, Miss Ghin Shia changed her perspectives toward Nissan soon after she ride in Nissan Sylphy.

She thinks this model is very young, especially with black interior. The multimedia touch screen navigator with GPS and auto-engaged rear view monitor are her favorite among all the features. She even
mentioned that the car boot can fit in 3 person in her sizes! Imagine the spacious on your own!!!

On the other hand, Miss Nor Hamidah and her husband liked the interior, good acceleration, and of course, there are lots of compartments and the trunk is big and deep! Both husband and wife found that the driving experience was pretty good, plus they really appreciate the quite and smooth cruising for their baby girl.

When asked about the maintenance of their Sylphy, both owners agreed that send in for regular servicing is the best way. In addition, Miss Nor Hamidah also wash her Sylphy often to preserve the nice coat of paint.

Well, just to share a bit of my own Nissan Sylphy test drive experience. I agree with what Miss Ghin Shia has mentioned. To add on with that, I personally like the Electric Power Steering (EPS). It made my driving smoother and you actually feel 'lighter' when handle the car. Regarding the performance, 2012 Nissan Sylphy is powered by the all-aluminium MR20DE 2.0-litre 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine with Drive-by-Wire technology. I don't actually get to speed when I test drive it. So I don't really can comment about it. Since I can't test the speeding power due to busy traffic, I can know how comfortable is the car coz' I spend more time sit and brake. LOL. While driving in KL's traffic, I must say that Nissan Sylphy is really comfortable. The clamshell inspired seats design really form fitted support for the driver.

One thing I personally don't like is the horn. It sounds so soft that even passengers in my car can't hear it. Well, people might think it is small matter. But think about it, if it happens that one car is reversing in front of your car and almost bang to your car, you need to horn the drive to alert him/her right? What if he/she can't hear the horn? Ahha, you know what's the consequences right? Anyway, this one is small matter that we can do something with it. 

A big group photo before we dismiss! LOL. 

Nissan Sylphy is now available in 5 colors: Bronze Gold, Tungsten Silver, Sapphire Black, Twilight Grey, and Brilliant White. The on-the-road price for Nissan Sylphy 2.0XL Comfort is RM114,880, 2.0XL Luxury is RM119,880, and 2.0XV Premium is RM 124,880. To be frank, Nissan Sylphy is a refined sedan with the best value for money. 

Last but not least, I really thank you Nissan for having me on that special Saturday with fun test drive, special hair treatment, and yummylicious lunch. Special thanks to Mr. Alfred and Miss Alice from Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd! Both of you are so friendly and provide thumbs up omotenashi (check out the translation from the above text!)!! :DDD

For more consumer information, please contact Nissan Customer Service Hotline at 1800-88-8368 or visit www.nissan.com.my

Test drive Nissan Sylphy at your nearest Nissan showroom now!! :D

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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