My very own Kitty chan room!!!

I just had my room renovated!!! :D *excited face* Well, let's see my room before renovation.





My room was in apple green and light green. My bed was a double-decker. All my Hello Kitties were 'hidden' because I have no space for them. :'(


 Room is now in dark pink and cream color.



 No more double-decker bed! :) 

 The Hello Kitty and award winning gallery. :)

 All my Hello Kitty plushies shall stay together and loving each other. LOL. XD

 New Hello Kitty curtain.

A deck to put my Hello Kitty cup noodles! LOL! No la, just to put anything. Eg: bag, bottle, snacks, etc. 

 Aluminum towel holder.

 New Hello Kitty devil mirror.

 Closer look of the Hello Kitty Devil look.

 Television corner with Hello Kitty speakers! Hehe..

Do you love my very own Kitty chan room?? I love it to the max!!! Really grateful to my Doraemon, who done with all the renovations! Thanks baby! Muaks! xoxo!!! 

Anyone with Hello Kitty room too? Do share with me ya!! :D

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. It looks wonderful! I wanna visit your new kitty room some time... haha ^_^

    1. Thanks thanks! haha! Sure, I will be welcoming your arrival!! :D


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