My BIG day - Graduation Ceremony + After-ceremony-mortar-board-throwing session

After such a long wait, finally my BIG day was here!!! Last month 22nd, I had my graduation ceremony at Shangri-la Hotel Grand Ballroom, with my lovely cohorts, friends, and family. 

Graduates were asked to reach the venue in between 7.30 am to 8.15 am for registration and rehearsal.

 Listening to the instruction while collecting my name card.

After putting on my graduation robe, I went to the entrance there to meet up with my grandpa and Doraemon.

Then I met Adrian. He was there for his sister's graduation ceremony..

 With Sandy, Adrian's girlfriend. Thanks for your wishes, babe! :)

With Doraemon. Thanks Adrian for this photo! :)

After that, graduates and guests are allowed to go into the ballroom and sit at the appointed seats.


Yeah, my full name. But this is not the main point, please look at the tiny words under my name. HELP BPsy 2nd Upper. erhem. *proud* LOL. :p

On stage shake hands with first Chancellor of HELP University. By the way, I am the first batch of graduates of HELP University! (previously was HELP University College!) 

 Bouquets from Doraemon and mom.
With my mommy.

 With my pappy.

 With my ah gong (grandpa).

 With my 'ang ang ang' (Doraemon!! LOL)

 My family portrait. :)

With Alice, my Clover.

With Grace, my Rainbow.

 With Evie, my Butterfly.

 With Yen, my Bee.


With Yen and Hilary, my Small Grass. 

 With Evie, Jia Min (Big Flower), Yen, and Hilary.

 With one of the 1st Class student, Jun Min.

 With my Teochew ah nia, Jacqueline. Kiong hee kiong hee!

With Kah Yan.

With La Veina (my senior and also another 1st Class student), Grace and Leeyana (my senior as well).

With Mun Kuan, the first batch graduates of Flinders-HELP.
 With Sping, my junior.

 With Yun Wei, my Vanilla. Haha.

 With Candice, my primary school friend, hometown friend, and now university friend!! 

With Chloe, my business department's friend, also course mate of Marketing class.


 With Cyan, my lovely group leader of Industrial Psychology.

 With Vivy.

 With 2 super cute juniors, Ashlee (the ghost) and Jasmine (the husband). LOL! XD

 With Hui Xin.

 With Yvonne and Liling.

With Catherine (the mistress of Jasmine/3rd party of me & Jasmine). XD

 With Cheryl and Catherine.

With Catherine, Xin Rou, and Cheryl.

With Cheng, my business department friend as well.

With Hilary and Jing Guo.

  With Yenny, my Malaysian Studies's friend.

With Head of Psychology Department, Mr Kenneth (on the left) and Mr. Eric from Career Sense.

 My favorite lecturer throughout my Psychology course - Dr. Ng!!! *thumbs up*

With Kathleen, my Hello-Kitty-partner-in-crime! LOL! 







Val's Garden!!! Awesome photo! :D

To let the BIG day beat continue, we moved to our next destination - Pavilion. This event was created by Chin Looi and Zen. Thank you for such event that allowed us to do some crazy lil stuff before we return our graduation robe and mortar board! I had so much fun, under the hot sun + mortar board on head! 

 Inside my car. The super huge Pikachu blocked Alice's face! LOL! 


















Hurray!!! We are graduated!!!! ^_^

After the tiring day, me, Doraemon,Yen and Jia Min went to En Ginza to have our tea break together.


My Macha latte with Hello Kitty design! 

To reward myself after 3 years of hardship majored in Psychology and minored in International Business, I got myself one 'small' gift. In fact, 2 gifts. 

 First 'small' gift!!! Hehe.... This is the biggest Kitty plush among my collection, cost me RM219.90 after discount. The second gift is a Hello Kitty mirror which I am going to reveal soon after I renovate my room and hang it on the wall!!! So do stay tune ya!!

Last but not least,  I must say that


Cheer & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


  1. Congratz on your convo, and gosh you are tall ! (sorry for bumping into your blog randomly :P)

    1. Hi Ken, thank you for your wishes! Haha, my height is 174cm without high heels... :p no no, don't say sorry, I am glad that you read my blog. Hope to see you drop by my blog again!! ;-)

  2. Congrats Val, we graduated!!! About time right!

  3. Awsome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am bookmarking your feeds also


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