ARIMINO - Top Hair Care Brand in Japan

When I mention about Japan's products, immediately most of us thought of cuteness. This was my reaction when I saw all the ARIMINO products. 

My heart for you?

O.M.G.~~ How could it be so cute~~~~ 

 Pinkish jelly???

 What about chocolate bar??? 

ARIMINO was started on 1946 in Japan. Its Head Quarter is located at Tokyo, Japan now. We all know that most of the hair cares promote Beauty. But rather than only beauty, ARIMINO promotes Healthy first, then Beauty. One special thing about ARIMINO is that, it cares for Asian Hair. This is why ARIMINO soon became the top brand in Japan. Besides that, ARIMINO is 100% manufactured and imported from Japan to Malaysia. So peeps, don't worry about the quality. ;)

Basically, there are 4 ranges of ARIMINO hair care products.

SPICE - This range is more to colorful, funky, casual and younger consumer. It is water soluble.   

SPICE wax range on the left, while SPICE neo wax range on the right.

 SPICE neo - This is similar to SPICE, but using different formulation plus UV protection. This is water soluble and made from fruit butter. 

If you notice #6, SPICE wax are packaged in the same way regardless for boys or girls. But for SPICE neo, wax for boys remain the old packaging, while wax for girls are in tube packaging (#7). If I have to tell you the story behind the wax in tube, your first reaction will be, "so thoughtful!!". Okay, let me tell you why. That was the time where nail arts hit Japan. Every girls love to have manicure with super bling, long, and 3D design nail arts. But it becomes hassle when those wax or cream stuck in our nails. This is why ARIMINO came out with wax in tube, specially for girls. Aha! You got it! Don't you? So thoughtful right???

 PEACE - This range is designed in a simple and elegance style. Mainly for moisture and because of unique ingredients, it could retain for more than 12 hours. For styling purpose, the darker color of packaging, meaning it is for stiff and hard holding. So white color is the mildest, black is the hardest. 

You can get the rose scent in this PEACE range. Besides that, one specialty of this range is that it is eco-friendly. Its main ingredient is Cupuacu Oil, a highly purified oil which protects Amazon forest and create work and income for the indigenous population. I salute ARIMINO for such eco-friendly way in its products! 

SHERPA - This is the shampoo and conditioner range. There are D1, D2 and D3. D1 is suitable for short and medium length, who wants fluffy and volume hairstyle. D2 is suitable for curly hair, where it provides protein for your hair. While D3 is for rebonding hair who wants sleek and shiny finishing. 

Since the products sound so promising, I should have it a try! After examined my hair condition, the expert Jamie suggested I touch up my hair color and do a hair treatment. And of course, I took her advice. ;)

First of all, Jamie put the Sherpa carrier oil on my hair scalp. This works as a protection barrier when I color my hair.

 After that, Jamie starts to touched up my hair color with ARIMINO color. 

 Waiting for the color to absorb. It works in 15 minutes, which is a lot quicker than other brands that I have used before. Not only it saves time, it also helps prevent our scalp for 'intimating' too long with chemical. :p

After the hair color, Jamie gave my hair a Caretrico Mabling System Treatment. This is a treatment customize specially for your hair, depends on your hair condition. As its name sounds, Caretrico actually provides your hair 3 layers of protection.  

 After shampoo, Jamie put spot pre on my hair to repairs outer layer of my hair and prepare my hair for second step of the treatment. Then, she mixed the base treatment, hair essence and smoothing liquid together and applied on my hair. This works for the inner layer of my hair.

 Wait for 10 minutes with the heat. 

Finally, rinse off and apply the coating treatment on my hair. This last step helps protecting and seal the protein and moisture longer on hair. 

 And ta dang!!! Look at my hair! :D The color was touched up so nicely.

And the hair after treatment looks so healthy and moisturizing!! 

This Caretrico Mabling System Treatment is recommended once in 4 nights for very damaging hair, while for normal hair, once in 3 weeks or a month is enough. 

After the hair touched up and treatment, I was given 2 products that suits me, to use at home. 



 The first one is PEACE Gloss Milk.

If you have been reading my blog, you know I usually leave my hair straight. And this gloss milk can leaves my hair glossy, smooth and soft, and also maintain volume.


 Towel dry your hair and apply the PEACE Gloss Milk at the end of your hair.

 Apply the milk across the hair with your fingers.

 Comb it. 

 Blow it. Jamie said the PEACE Gloss Milk works better with heat. So yeah, don't be lazy. Blow your hair dry before go out ya! :)

And ta da! Glossy hair!

But you know, sometimes we get boring with straight hair and we wanna curl our hair right? But by straight away curling your hair with the curler without any protection can actually damage you hair. So I use this:


 SPICE neo Curl Deco.This helps to moisturize and protect against heat and creates tip-top curl.

 Split your hair into parts. 

 Spray the SPICE neo Curl Deco on your dry hair before curl. 

 Then curl it.

And here you go! Natural curl hair! SPICE neo Curl Deco not only protects our hair, it also makes us smell really good with white peach fragrance! <3
Due to ARIMINO's such professional products, we need certain knowledge and advice from experts in order to use them. Hence, it is not selling in the market. There are nearly 300 salons using ARIMINO products in Malaysia, located at Setapak, Kota Damansara, Hartamas, Bangsar, Sungai Wang, PJ, Subang, Puchong, Cheras, Klang, etc.  Get your ARIMINO products at the nearest salon with the price from RM43 to RM85! 

For more information, please check out ARIMINO official website at:
and official Facebook :
And do not forget, ARIMINO Malaysia's page:

Get your hair done with ARIMINO today!

Cheers and Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu



  1. Sherpa d2 I'm interested where can I buy it's

    1. Hi dear, please check your email. :)


    3. Hi dear, where do you stay? I try to check for you. Thanks.

  2. Hi Valerie, I am in Shinjuku tokyo now. Can you please tell me where to buy this shampoo? I am having trouble locating it. Appreciate your help.

    1. Hi, I'm not sure where you can get in Shinjuku as I was mentioning Malaysia. So sorry I couldn't help you. But my friend do sell this in his saloon, if you want, you can let me know.

  3. Where can i purchase this brand's product?

    1. May I know where you stay? I can check for you with the distributor because not every salon carry Arimino products. :)

  4. Hi, I'm planning on doing soft rebonding tomorrow. Any ideas that arimino soft rebonding is better or shiseido soft rebonding is better? Cuz I plan to have natural straight hair and I'll ask my stylist to help me curl the ends of my hair(around 3cm)... Hope to get your reply soon! Thanks:)

    1. Hi Ashlyn, I have never try out their soft rebonding before, so I couldn't give you any suggestion. But if you compare the product, I personally prefer Arimino over Shiseido because it works better for me. :) Maybe you can share with me your experience after done with the rebonding! :)

    2. Okay:-) I'll discuss with my hairstylist tomorrow and see what she thinks.. Haha... As long as the result is good:-) I've used arimino spice spray and the white rectangular lotion with heart shape hair lotion 5 years ago when I did rebonding(though I they used shiseido for my rebonding process) ... XD hope the results for tomorrow is good!! :-)

    3. I see! Great! Can't wait for you to share your new look and experience!!! :) Preparation for CNY huh? Haha! :D

    4. Hehe.. Sort of.. And to tame my frizzy mane... Haha.. Okie!! I'll keep you updated!! XD

    5. Great! Looking forward to your updates!!! :)

    6. Just did my rebonding Today!!!!! XD used arimino soft rebonding.. Not bad... Not too straight and flat...The whole process took around 3 hours.. :-)

    7. Great! You are so ready for CNY then! :)

  5. Hi Valerie, do you know any salons in KL that uses Arimino products for rebonding?

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