Glenmorangie SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar & After-party

Still remember the Unnecessarily Well Made Glenmorangie story? Yes, Glenmorangie has unveiled its SOUNDFORM Fluid bar at the North Atrium of the Garden's Mall recently. 




Here you go! The SOUNDFORM Fluid sculptural bar inspired by the sonograph reading of the sound of Glenmorangie whisky being poured into a glass. The master behind this brilliant piece - Philip Michael Wolfson has combined the bold black aluminum finish on the exterior with golden orange interior to bring out the concept of Unnecessarily Well Made of Glenmorangie single malt Scotch whiskey. 

To produce the most Unnecessarily Well Made single malt Scotch Whiskey, Glenmorangie gone extra mile by only using the oak casks for twice, compare to others might re-used up to eight times. With the superior ingredients, which included the Tarlogie spring water and Scottish barley, combined with the skills of craftsmen who followed the same time honored approach that the company has been using throughout the history; this explained the Unnecessarily Well Made philosophy.

Craig Fong and the SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar. 

 An informal whisky testing session was held during the launched of SOUNDFORM Fluid Bar.

The Glenmorangie tasting experience was conducted by Glenmorangie Brand Ambassador - Ben Ng.

 Three different types of Glenmorangie whiskey - Original, Lasanta, and Astar.

 Smell before you take a sip.




 The beautiful Glenmorangie ambassadors holding the Glenmorangie original single malt whisky. 

The SOUNDFORM FLUID bar was witnessed together with celebrities in town.

 Patricia Knudsen and Joey G. Lovely couple ever!

 Yuri Wong, Xandria Ooi and guests.

 Chelsia Ng, Yuri Wong, Xandria Ooi and guests. 

Esther Ng and Jynn Looi.

After that, a Glenmorangie after-party was held at Vertigo for celebrities and single malt aficionados to enjoy more of the Unnecessarily Well Made.


 The gorgeous Glenmorangie ambassador was painted with very sharp orangie body painting. 

 US DJ duo Manufactured Superstars rocked Vertigo with house, dance and electro pop.

 Josiah Muzukami and guests.

 Dennis Yin and Chriz Ooi of Elecoldxhot with the pretty Glenmorangie ambassador. 

 Stella and her fiance with 2 pretty Glenmorangie ambassadors.

 We, the pretty ladies rocked the house with Glenmorangie on our hands!! 

 Me with Elaine, from Spotlite. 


 We can camwhored too even in such packed situation! Salute Simon! LOL.




Everyone had so much fun in the Glenmorangie Orange Reviving Electro after-party! Have you go Glenmorangie yet? Check out their Facebook for more!

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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