My Sweet 24th Birthday

For those who know me, I know it's been a month since my birthday. For those who don't know me, my birthday was on March 16th. I am a typical Pisces. Anyway, why am I updating my birthday post so late? Well, I was overwhelming with events, hence I got no time to blog about my very 'own event'.
On my very special day, I dressed up nicely and mom fetched me to my friend's boutique + nail saloon to get my manicure done.
Camwhore in car first to check out my make up. LOL. (Lame excuse to camwhore) This year, I went for a haircut + color for my birthday as well. Many friends told me this hair color is nice and suits me, what say you? ;)

After the manicure, my Doraemon went to picked me up at the boutique. Once I got into the car, he asked me to open the drawer. And I found this:

  Samsung GALAXY S II!!! So sweet of him to got me this birthday present!!   
 I was very happy already when I received Doraemon's gift. Then I asked him where is he going to bring me for dinner. He acted mysteriously and told me I will know when reached. And so, we reached Changkat, and we were finally there - Elcerdo. We have been hearing positive comments about Elcerdo and always wanted to try out. Finally on my birthday, Doraemon reserved table, hell yeah, HE RESERVED A TABLE!!! First time ever he did something 'proper' like this!! LOL. My heart melted one more time.   
 Upon reaching and seated, the waiter gave me the Elcerdo table hook to hang my bag. What a thoughtful service.... :D

While waiting for dishes, I snapped a photo with my birthday gift... Lovin' it!! 

My red wine...

The bread with special made paste. 

The appetizer - 4 types of sausages, RM24.50.

The main course - Half Piglet, RM188

Well, to eat the piglet at Elcerdo is not easy.  There are many special traditions and steps need to be followed before you can enjoy your piglet. 

I was listening carefully to the waiter while holding a plate. 

Well, sit down is not a good solution. I have to stood up in order to do a better job. 

After cutting the piglet with the plate, there is another tradition to 'settle' the used plate. 

I was making wishes and ready to drop the plate into pieces!! Wahahaha! XD

Hey see, i cut this leh~~ *proud face*

PrinCess & Doraemon. Oh yeah, and my piglet. 

Of course we can't eat like that #13. So the kitchen helped us to chopped the piglet into small pieces. 



My Doraemon ...


After the dinner, which we couldn't barely finish up the piglet. Doraemon asked the waiter to bring the cake out. Doraemon told me I will love the cake to the max when I see it. And i was really looking forward. And tell you what, not only love to the max, but i almost cry out when see the cake!! Can you imagined my heart melted like 3 times in one night??!?
Can you see my wide-mouth-smile?? 

Okay okay, i know you spotted that. Wrong spelling. is a VA, not VE.  But is the bakery's carelessness, so what can we do right? I still feeling happy with the whole cake!! :DDD

 Oh by the way, you saw the little polka dot piggy beside the cake in #21 and which I am holding in this photo? Is a birthday gift from Elcerdo! So cute!! :D






My birthday manicure + birthday gift from Doraemon

Doraemon & PrinCess
Thank you baby! I had a super sweet 24th birthday! I love you! 

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu


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