Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

One of the best parties in KL has just held in Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS) few weeks ago. You got me, don't you? Yes, I was invited to Step Into the Black Circuit Lounge with Johnnie Walker, and also my lovely MHB mates. 

The entrance of the Black Circuit Lounge. You can see most of the invited guests were in black.

And of course I was wearing the all-black to match with the theme. 

Remember I told you during the pre-post of Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge that, the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 driver, Jenson Button will make his appearance to the party? I was excited to see him in real person (thou I am not a super big fan of F1, but I am definitely a super big fan of handsome and cute guys!! LOL)  

 And here you go!! Super cute Jenson Button!!!!  *heart melted* and i realized cute guys usually are not that tall.. oops! :p Here you see Button putting on his signature on the Johnnie Walker "" wall to pledge for Never Drink and Drive. So peeps, be a responsible drinker and make sure you Never Drink and Drive k!



Are you ready to step inside the Black Circuit Lounge yet? *Drum rolls*

Very spacious and modern venue.

Massive LED stage with the DJ console in the center of the stage. 



Two lucky Facebook Grand Prize contest winner were able to meet Button personally (such a close distance!!!) and asked him a question of their choice each. Besides that, Button also signed on the exclusive Johnnie Walker and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 merchandise for them. Lucky them right?!  

 The Johnnie Walker Black Label was served during the party. Besides that, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve was served at midnight so that guests can have a Gold Celebration Moment!

The table reserved for MHB members. *proud face*

At the Black Flavor Lab, World Class mixologist served guests with the fresh and interesting way of consuming Johnnie Walker Black Label. Green Coconut was introduced during the night, either the Johnnie Walker + coconut water with smoke and dry ice, or the Johnnie Walker + coconut sorbet. Personally i prefer the former one, the sweet bitter taste just perfect for me. ;)

 First time visiting to Malaysia, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador Tom Jones introduced the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve to the guests at the party. His mentoring session was either one on one, or in the Gold Celebration Bar in the party. To excite Johnnie Walker fans, Tom Jones had the Fresh Gold served in a champagne flute as well. 


 Johnnie Walker allows guests to engaged in an interactive digital experiences by instantly upload the party activities to Facebook through the RFID-enabled invitations. Here you see we took photo at the fun photo booth with special design of the frame. Don't we look great? Hehe... There is also an ultra-realistic video simulation that puts guests right into the seat of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 driver. Too bad I have not experienced that... :(

Four DJs were there to heat up the party, which included DJ Dim Sum from Hong Kong, DJ Nadine of Malaysia, DJ Smith Agent Smith from America and DJ Politik from Hollywood. One of my favorites - DJ Smith Agent Smith rocked the party with his skilful “live” mixing using an “Ableton” set-up. I love his hairstyle and his playful personality!! He even snapped a photo of us partying from the stage! :D I hope I was in his frame! LOL. 

DJ Nadine in her sexy see through top! Phewitt~ 

 DJ Dim Sum, yummy not? :p

DJ Politik, the headliner. 

So many activities + Johnnie Walker Black Label for the guests to enjoy our night to the max! Show you how we rock the party! 












If I tell you this was a party filled with the 'smell-of-celebrities-stars', would you say NO? I bet you won't!

 With Lavin Seow.

 With Irene Tan.

 With Irene Tan, Irene Wong, and all pretty girls.

And finally i met Leng Yein in real person! She is such a hot chick!! 

Hannah Tan, Reshmonu, Nadine.

As you know, being the world's leading Scotch whisky, Johnnie Walker is also the Malaysia's number One whisky brand. By partnering with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team since 2005, Johnnie Walker continually innovates to bring exciting new consumer experiences to the Black Circuit Lounge for a high-flying Formula One lifestyle experience with famous DJs, high-tech activities, and more fun and fun!!! Watch out these videos if you missed out the fun!!


For more information about exclusive events and promotions, please visit Johnnie Walker Facebook page 

and don't forget to give them a 'Like'!! 


Never Drink and Drive

Cheers & Love always,
Valerie Chua aka PrinCess MiHaRu



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