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Penang - Purrfect Cat Cafe

I have to make a confession here. Not only I am the mouthless cat (Hello Kitty) fanatic, I am also the real cat servant-to-be (mom don't allow me to have a cat but I really wanted to get a cat, maybe after my wedding). 
After visited Hin Bus Depot, I decided to walk to Purrfect Cat Cafe located at Jalan Mutri. It took me about 20 minutes to reach there. The weather was super hot and my skin was peeling the next day, due to sun burnt I guess. Haha. Spontaneous plan doesn't comes with sunscreen. 😂
Turn in when you see Gala House.
#2 You will pass by a temple on your right.
#3 Muntri Mews i a very beautiful hotel and cafe. I wish to stay here for vacation next time. 
#4 Mews Cafe.
#5 Here we are, the Purrfect Cat cafe!! You will see it after Mews Cafe.
#6 The ground floor is basically a store that sold varieties of cat design products, from plush to shirt, key chains to earrings, even panties are printed with cat designs too!! 
#7 Cute mural painting at the entrance.
#8 So p…

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